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Furry Vengance gets an F

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This isn't much of a surprise, but Furry Vengance probably isn't worth a trip to the theater:

It would be so easy just to dismiss "Furry Vengeance" as the cinema swill it is, considering the horrible acting, lack of direction and writing that's about as intelligent as scribbles on a bathroom wall.

So easy.

San Diego News Network suggests "[the critter's] jerky moves were digitalized at an animation shop in Abu Dhabi," while Rotten Tomatoes currently gives it a 2% "fresh" rating.


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I guess it's time for furry vengence of Furry Vengence.

And of course the one positive review has the most comments... lol. Time for the majority to mob the minority! whee!

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I see Razzies

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From seeing the trailer, I'm guessing it's not even good MST3K material..

I was thinking it could have been done better.. Like with Pshifters and Otherkin, but then you'll probably just have 'The Apple War' :D

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