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Animal rights activist convicted for blocking biologists from bear

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An animal rights activist has been convicted under hunting law after interfering with state wildlife biologists, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reports. Susan Kehoe was found guilty after preventing Division of Fish and Wildlife personnel from tranquilizing a black bear to change its radio collar.

Kehoe, who is 60, was also convicted of resisting arrest after refusing to put her hands behind her back. Judges ruled her defense of arm surgery in 1999 unconvincing given her practice of hiking and climbing with recording equipment.


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Go her. Bout time someone stopped those bastards from pokin' their noses where it doesn't belong.

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Protecting a bear... from a biologist... who is probably gathering data to make sure to better the habitat for bears...

This is one of those times where people are doing what they feel is right, but they are actually shooting themselves in the foot.

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Or trying to get themselves shot in the foot.

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That's my state for ya

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Throw the book at the eco-terrorist!

She keeps feeding the wild animals as well if you look at her conviction record. She doesn't realize how her own actions are hurting the animals. There is a reason you're not supposed to feed wildlife, and she is too blind to see past her own "animals are cute and cuddly" syndrome.

Guy who appeared on Discovery channel was going on how he raised a black bear from a cub, he stuck he fingers in the cage when the bear was an adult and the bear took off a couple of fingers in one chomp.

There are requirements on what people can do around wildlife, not having a brain isn't one of them.

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I wouldn't say eco-terrorist, terrorist to me means someone putting someone ELSE or threatening another individual or group with harm or death in order to make a political point. By standing near the bear the only one she was putting in harm's way was herself. Now if she had aimed a gun back on them, then I'd go that far.

Heck if these people want to get close to those animals then it's noone's fault but their own when the animal turns on them and hurts them. Not having a brain around wild life is nature at its purest.

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She goes standing between a bear to chase the bear off. What she doesn't realize the bear could become angry, causing the bear to attack the officers. This is especially the case if there are cubs around or if the bears around in heat.

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I think the bear would attack her first, if anyone, seeing as she is closer and between the bear and the officers. If there were cubs or bears ready to mate I don't think biologists would have engaged the bear in the first place, otherwise they're the dumb ones.

I guess I should specify that a terrorist doesn't necessarily mean just putting someone in danger, it's knowingly putting them in danger with the intent of scaring them into doing something. It seems to me they were more afraid for her, because obviously she wasn't sane enough to think of her own safety.

I think the proper measures were taken, and the proper law was used. Somewhat ironic being biologists and not hunters, but same element of danger for the activist, and more dangerous for the animal seeing as if the animal did attack and kill the activist the bear would also probably be put down as a result.

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One doesn't need to actually threaten bodily harm in order to be a terrorist. An eco-terrorist is anyone who uses guerilla tactics to disrupt any activity they consider disruptive to nature. Spiking trees intended for logcutting is one of the more violent eco-terrorist methods, but there are other methods as well, such as piloting crafts into the paths of fishing boats and deliberately scaring away fish and dolphins (not unlike what this woman was doing with the biologists and the bear). ELF has been known to burn down construction sites that they feel infringe on wildlife sites, and we've had a case in Seattle where they broke into a local university and burned down a greenhouse (after hours) they thought was engaging in genetic engineering. All considered eco-terrorism, and the FBI was even investigating that last as an act of domestic terrorism.

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