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USPS puts Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield on stamps

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Calvin and HobbesThe U.S. Postal Service is back with a collection of "Sunday Funnies", including characters from Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield. [tip: Earthfurst]

The stamps officially go on sale July 16, but are available for pre-order.

C&H fans might also like this interview with Bill Watterson, an event so rare it led to an interview with the interviewer.



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I am puzzled why Calvin and Hobbs are put on the same level as Archie and Beetle Bailey. Calvin and Hobbs had a good ten your run but frankly the went into obscurity as soon as it was pulled out in its prime. A stamp should celebrate and reward cultural relevance especially if such relevance and longevity still exist after discontinuing the strip . Calvin and Hobbs fails in the cultural relevance and longevity test.

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It's hardly fallen into obscurity. The book collections are still sold in the shops and are still quite popular. And although it's only printing reprints of the ten-year run, the strip is still being run. I would say the stamp recognizes the strip's popularity and the impact it had on its readers and on other cartoonists during its run.

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