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Special offer from ANTHRO

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Quentin "Editor-for-life of ANTHRO" Long here with an announcement that some of you may find interesting -- particularly those people who send a lot of stuff through the US Postal Service. As it happens, you can get legitimate, genuine US postage printed up with your own graphics... and I've done just that with STRAIGHTAWAY, the nifty "centaur + horse race" picture that Lucius Appaloosius did for the cover of ANTHRO #2. Again, this is genuinely valid US postage you can put on letters or package or whatever other mail you send. "Sounds great," I hear you ask, "but how do I get my hands on these stamps?"
Here's the deal: Donate $10 to ANTHRO, and I'll send you 5 (five) thirty-nine cent STRAIGHTAWAY stamps. And if you feel generous enough to donate multiples of $10, I'll send you multiple five-stamp sets! ANTHRO is the *only* source for STRAIGHTAWAY stamps; you simply *cannot* get them anywhere else. So if you're looking for furry postage, you need look no further than ANTHRO!


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