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Upcoming furry comics for September 2010 (Previews only)

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Quite a bit of furry stirred in among the zombie comics, with new items as varied as Duncan the Wonder Dog, Dungeon Monstres vol. 3, and the Sonic Encyclopedia.

PAGES 108, 109
JUL100217 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #1 32pg, color $2.99
by Scott Gross and nobody else--he must be so lonely!
'Scooby and the Gang see a giant creature swimming on a lake in Vancouver.' Well, now we know where he is.

JUL100222 Looney Tunes #190 32pg, color $2.99
by the usual gang of idiots
Sylvester vs. Tweety and Speedy.

PAGES 181, 186
JUL100417 The Mice Templar vol. 2.2: Destiny, part 2 sc?, 200pg, color $17.99
by Bryan J.L. Glass & Michael Avon Oeming and Victor Santos
Collects The Mice Templar: Destiny #6-9.

JUL100442 Elephantmen #30 32pg, color $3.50
by Richard Starkings and Axel Medellin
'Miki and Hip spend a night in.' I love these minimalist issue descriptions.

PAGE 222
JUL100729 Duncan the Wonder Dog vol. 1 [of 9]: Show One sc, 400pg, b&w $24.95
by Adam Hines
'What if animals could talk? Would some of them form a militant group in reaction to how humans treat them? Would humans treat them differently? Come explore this dense tome of an alternate universe where the lavish renderings recall the work of Dave McKean. Duncan the Wonder Dog will be one of the most talked about books of 2010!' It won Hines one of five Xeric grants in May 2009. There's a 39-page preview at that shows it to be unlike virtually all other furry comics: slow-moving, allusive, thoughtful, arty. The preview intercuts a philosophical conversation of a tiger, a monkey, and a zebra in circus cages; childhood reminiscences of the inventor of the Muir railway track system; cityscapes with conversations reduced to icons; images of the Marciano-Charles heavyweight bout and the reactions of people listening on the radio; and possibly one image of Duncan on page 8. I really doubt that the author would care to have his work labelled 'furry', and I doubt that furries will rush to embrace it, but it certainly fits the usual definitions and I recommend that you check out the preview.

PAGE 226
JUL100476838089 Gold Digger #122 32pg, color $2.99
Oops, sorry--five GD items this month, but not the comic itself.

JUL100742 Gold Digger Annual #16 32pg, color $4.50
by various
Fan art, for only 50% more than the real thing.

JUL100743 Gold Digger Swimsuit Special #20 32pg, color $4.50
by various
More fan art, but with less clothing.

JUL100744 Gold Digger: Books of Magic #3 24pg, b&w $3.99
by Fred Perry
GD-verse magic for the RPGer.

JUL100745 Gold Digger Platinum tpb vol. 1 sc, 6.75"x10.5", 132pg, color $14.99
JUL100746 Gold Digger Platinum hc vol. 1 hc, 6.75"x10.5", 132pg, color $14.99
by Fred Perry
Collects Gold Digger Vol. 3 #101-105. The hardcover comes with a bonus motion comic CD.

JUL100746 Chip: Second Crack #1 (of 3) 32pg, color $3.99
by Richard Moore
Further adventures of Chip, 'the four-inch gargoyle who's determined to prove he can be as scary as his big cousins from the big city'.

PAGE 228
JUL100753 Scratch 9 #2 (of 4) 28pg, color $3.95
by Rob M. Worley and Jason T. Kruse
More cat superheroics.

JUL100754 The Penguins of Madagascar #3 (of 4) 32pg, color $3.95
by David Server, Jackson Lanzing, and Antonio Campo
'Traveling in a Rico-made flying machine that has no business being airborne, the penguin posse crash lands in China, some 4000 miles off course.'

PAGE 230
JUL100766 Mouse Guard: the Black Axe #1 (of 6) 8"x8", 24pg, color $3.50 cheap
by David Petersen
'The Eisner Award-winning Mouse Guard returns. . . . Set in 1115, this prequel to Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 fulfills the promise the wise oldfur Celanawe made to Lieam the day his paw first touched the Black Axe: to tell the young warrior about the mouse who first wielded the deadly weapon.'

PAGE 234
JUL100787 Sonic the Hedgehog #217 32pg, color $2.99
by Ian Flynn, Ben Bates, and Jamal Peppers
Enough with the Northern Tundra; Sonic and Bunnie head out into the Great Desert. Dr. Eggman reveals the restored Lien-Da (who dat?) in a backup story.

JUL100788 Sonic the Hedgehog #218 32pg, color $2.99
by Ian Flynn, Ben Bates, and Jamal Peppers
Sonic vs. Bunnie. In the backup, Dr. Eggman calls Snively in for questioning.

JUL100789 Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Encyclopedia sc, 6"x9", 192pg, color $14.95
by Ian Flynn and many artists
'Sonic the Hedgehog is the longest running video game-inspired comic ever! But who is Sonic? Why do they call Dr. Robotnik "Eggman"? What is a "Chaos Emerald", and what exactly does it do? Sonic's world is a big place, and it's easy to get lost in over 300 issues worth of stories. Enter this essential reference volume to save the day! This all-encompassing illustrated encyclopedia is the ultimate guide to Sonic's world, loaded with key information on characters, teams, magical artifacts and more! All this, plus an extensive world map of Mobius and a timeline that sheds new light on past events. Featuring art by Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante, Tracy Yardley!, Steven Butler, Jamal Peppers, Terry Austin, Jim Amash, Jason Jensen, Matt Herms and more!'

JUL100790 Sonic Universe #20 32pg, color $2.99
by Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley! (the punctuational heir to Scott Shaw!)
'Tails and his friends fight to survive the assault from the terrible Mole Mech!'

PAGES 258-260
JUL100889 the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion vol.1 hc, 6.6"x10.2", 128pg, color $24.99
by Don Rosa
'Finally available in a Deluxe Hardcover Edition! Want more of Don Rosa's monumental The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck? This Companion volume is it, featuring the pre-chapters, the post-chapters, and the in-between chapters of Don Rosa's Eisner Award-winning series. This is the first volume of two.'

JUL100892 Mickey Mouse & Friends #300 32pg, color $2.99
JUL100893 Mickey Mouse & Friends #300 deluxe edition 32pg, color $6.99
by Stefan Petrucha and Floyd Gottfredson, Cèsar Ferioli and Gottfredson, and Casty or Daan Jippes
'Almost 70 years in the making! [Good grief.] Don't miss this blockbuster 300th issue as the seminal fan-favorite series returns with an unforgettable line-up of stories! First, mouse mischief multiplies when a cloning experiment goes wrong in a tale we could only call "300 Mickeys!" Then, experience the classic Floyd Gottfredson tale, "Dan the Dogcatcher", in its first wide U.S. release since 1932 -- and in its original layout! Available in two versions: the Regular version featuring a cover by Disney modern master, Casty; or the Deluxe version, with a special cover surprise by Disney Comics legend, Daan Jippes!'

JUL100895 The Muppet Show #10 32pg, color $2.99
by Roger Langridge yay!
'It's Animal to the rescue after the Muppets grow leery of a wolf making suspicious cameos on the Muppet Show.' Recommended.

Offered-again tpbs aside, this month we also see Cars: The Adventures of Tow Mater #3, Darkwing Duck: the Duck Knight Returns #4, Donald Duck and Friends #358, Finding Nemo: Losing Dory #3, Muppet Sherlock Holmes #2, Toy Story: Tales from the Toy Chest #3, Toy Story: Some Assembly Required sc, Uncle Scrooge #395, and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #711.

PAGE 284
JUL100987 Who Will Comfort Toffle?: A Tale of Moomin Valley hc, 8"x11", 24pg, color $16.95
As I said last August about The Book About Moomin, Mymble, and Little My, which is offered again this month: This is a kids' book, like grade-school level, but I mention it for Moomin completists, since it's been out of print in the US for half a century.

PAGE 301
JUL101071 Dungeon Monstres Volume 3: Heartbreaker sc, 6"x9", 96pg color $12.99
by Lewis Trondheim, Carlos Nine, and Patrice Killofer
'In the first title story, the supremely talented (especially with women) and outrageous Carlos Nine gives us the complete low-down on the sexy and dangerous killer Alexandra that the young Dungeon-keeper fell for so heavily. In the second, Killofer ("676 Apparitions of Killofer") also focuses on a spicy girl, daughter of a prominent character.' Recommended.

PAGE 328
JUL101141 Neko Ramen vol. 2 (of 4) sc, 5"x7", 192pg, b&w $10.99
by Kenji Sonishi
'Look out for more outrageous ramen recipes as Taisho tries every gimmick in the book in order to make his restaurant the most successful cat-run business ever! Not only are there French chefs, curry, fortune-tellers and cooking competitions, but Taisho's mother comes to visit and let loose Taisho's most embarrassing secret! What other crazy scheme will Taisho cook up next?'

PAGE 332
JUL101160 Stu Bear in the 25th Century sc, 6"x9", 80pg color $7.95
by Jeff Bushell and Beware of the Art Studio
'A freak avalanche turns Stu Bear's annual hibernation into a 500-year frozen sleep. Rediscovered and thawed, Stu finds evolved, hairless bears the new dominant species, living in floating cities above the Earth. But as a seemingly incurable plague threatens to destroy all life, Stu discovers that he is the only one who can save the day!'


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