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Inflatable husky sells for over $1600

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PuffyPaws huskyA six foot tall inflatable husky offered by PuffyPaws (previous coverage) has sold for US$1613 on eBay. [tip: Rabs Whitetail]

Bids started at $10, but swiftly escalated to over $700, before the bidding spurt that pushed it into four digits earlier today.

PuffyPaws have now put up a timber wolf. The opening price? $1.


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Huh. Stay classy, furries.

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Oh gosh :\ There's only one reason someone spent $1600 on this.

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Oh NO the timber wolf has such classy pictures up for it... D:

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And it went for $1,305! These guys need to pre-order; I think they start in the low hundreds.

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I find it somewhat preposterous for someone to spend that much money on giant inflatable piece. A few hundred maybe, but $1,600? You could get a well crafted fursuit, a brand new 50'' HDTV or, if you look hard enough, a tour of a European country someplace. And where would you store it? I guess those inflatable fans really will do ANYTHING to get their hands on the biggest inflatable animal they can find.

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You have to admit, the best perk of a giant inflatable thing is that you can just deflate it when you're not using it! How convenient :D;;;;

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And for the most part that is the biggest inflatable currently on the market I think. Though Puffypaws did announce a dragon they will be making that is a bit bigger. Still I wouldn't pay 1600 for something that size (as it is only 7 ft tall I think). I would if it was around 15 or so though.

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Not all fans, and that certainly isn't the biggest. Lots of us also have priorities, especially ones in which a $1600+ sculpted plastic bag does not fall into.

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interesting that one item shipped from Germany whereas this new one ships from Texas. Its cool they cater to the european market as well as that of the US unlike many businesses.

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The "SPH" addition company is based in Germany. XP

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An inflatable toy with an inflated price. Seems apropos.

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I guess that's 1,600 dollars put to good use, although I feel sorry for the inflatable husky.

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I own one of these and there's no way I'd pay $1600 for it. However I'm tempted to sell mine now, considering the one that sold was sold with "modifications" and mine is "clean."

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I never really understood what the fascination of these things was...

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Another new record, this time for an inflatable timber wolf: $1,855.

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I want an all white husky where can I order one?

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Consider talking to PuffyPaws? They might be able to quote you for one, or suggest options if they don't provide that service.

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