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Inflatable husky sells for over $1600

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PuffyPaws huskyA six foot tall inflatable husky offered by PuffyPaws (previous coverage) has sold for US$1613 on eBay. [tip: Rabs Whitetail]

Bids started at $10, but swiftly escalated to over $700, before the bidding spurt that pushed it into four digits earlier today.

PuffyPaws have now put up a timber wolf. The opening price? $1.

PuffyPaws offers custom inflatables, for a price

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Custom plushies are one thing — but custom inflatables? That's what PuffyPaws (LJ, FA) purports to offer.

The company does not appear to build the toys themselves. Instead, they create designs, make bulk purchases from their manufacturer, and distribute them. Several projects, including commissions, have already been made.