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PuffyPaws offers custom inflatables, for a price

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Custom plushies are one thing — but custom inflatables? That's what PuffyPaws (LJ, FA) purports to offer.

The company does not appear to build the toys themselves. Instead, they create designs, make bulk purchases from their manufacturer, and distribute them. Several projects, including commissions, have already been made.

Those looking for a cheap toy may have to look elsewhere. Even the most generic wolf cost $275. A recent cow toy costs $370, and a 7-foot horse sold on eBay for $1225. But for collectors, a few hundred dollars could be a small price to pay. To balloonies, money may be no object.

Fans hoping to maintain a squeaky-clean image probably aren't fond of the company, which makes no bones about providing more adult toys via German modification expert aphorx (at a $105 surcharge per hole). But who knows; perhaps they'll end up in the Museum of Sex one day . . .


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PuffyPaws provides an excellent service to the inflatable furry community. They provide a voice for the people who have ambitious toy-related ideas but lack the experience to have them fulfilled. With the additional talents of Rawr (art and design) and Aphorx (modifications), they are able to coordinate the entire process of producing an inflatable toy from start to finish.

As well as being among the first of their customers when they released their inaugural husky inflatable, i've also worked with them to produce the inflatable cow linked to in this article. It's been an absolute breeze to work with them!

I'm also led to believe that we will be seeing more anthropomorphic inflatables from PuffyPaws in the not-too-distant future. I'm confident that their initial success with Kendall is far from being a one-off!

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Shame the price isn't lower... those things would be awesome for a dealer's booth or three. ;)

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Well, presumably the more that are ordered, the lower the price goes.

All we need is everyone's favourite inflatable unicorn to go on a buying spree. :-)

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