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August CF Meeting is also Polar Den Housewarming Party

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Having just moved into my new home (a 2-story, 4 bedroom house in Lemon Grove, a few minutes East of downtown San Diego) and busily spending all my spare time unpacking and moving in, I am going to combine the August ConFurence meeting with my housewarming party.

8-7 Update: Oops. Yes, this article was in fact submitted by Darrel Exline, owner of new house, head of Confurence, and hoster of the mentioned party. Sorry for any confusion.

This will be mostly party, and not much meeting... except for the social aspects of being a general furmeet . There may also be some mundanes present from work and around the neighborhood (I've already met a few of my neighbors... it's a quiet little street)

The housewarming will be Sunday, August 19, from 12Noon to 10pm at the new Polar Den: 2405 Camino de las Palmas, Lemon Grove, CA 91945. There will be a grill in the back for cooking whatever meats and veggies... and I almost have the Home Theater (84-inch screen!) completely set up (I finished mounting the screen Sunday, now I just need to finish hanging the projector from the ceiling)

Visit and click on the link to the Online Scratching Post to read more current details and to get accurate directions. Note: directions from most mapping programs are WRONG because of the freeway construction in the area. The only way in is to take Blossom Lane to Ildica Street to Camino de las Palmas. The connection between my street and Palm/Troy Avenue will not be open until early next year.



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