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The Internet's favourite cat

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Urlesque recently held Catfight to find the Internet's most popular cat.

The contestants were from the various famous Lolcats residing on The cats are an internet sensation of various felines in user-captioned pictures meant to entertain people.

The final battle was between Ceiling Cat, the cat god who divinely inspired the lolcat bible and Japanese YouTube star, Maru.

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Ceiling Cat faced off against Monorail Cat in the first round and proceeded to beat Long Cat before coming up against Maru. Maru came to the finals with wins over both Surprised Kitty and Keyboard Cat. Biologist and author Jerry Coyne asked his blog readers to vote for Maru and offered a signed copy of his book to Maru voters.

In the end Maru did win, with nearly 75% of the vote, and can now enjoy being the internet's most popular cat, as seen below:


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The Ten Commandments in lolcat may be found at

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I still think Ceiling Cat and Keyboard Cat are more popular by far, but we can't argue that Maru did in fact win.

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