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Dog who rescued family may be euthanized

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Boomer, a 17-year-old German Shepherd who woke his Florida family when their trailer was on fire in June, may have to be euthanized. The home was left uninhabitable and the family is staying with friends who couldn't take in their two dogs, so they were forced to place them at the local Humane Society, where they will be put down if they are not adopted within a few days (unusual for dogs that age).

Read the CNN article for more details.

Update: (2001/08/10) Since the story became national news, calls have been pouring into the Humane Society shelter from people all over the country interested in adopting the dogs, jamming phone lines. The dogs are no longer in danger of being eunthanized and the shelter hopes to place them with someone local (and, one would hope, willing to return them to their original owners when circumstances permit) by this weekend. Story here.

Update: (2001/08/11) The dogs were adopted by a 74-year-old woman from nearby Port St. Lucie.



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