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Those little internet tidbits you just can't get enough of!

FURSUIT LOST If found, please return to distraught girl.

Nazi fursuiters? More likely than you think!

Stuffed toy foxes 'saved my life'

Woman in cow costume arrested on disorderly conduct

Peanuts, Bambi, Dumbo animator dies

Where can you see fursuiters? Only in Iraqi warzones!

Squirrel attacks!

Rubber duck collectors deem furries are "weird"

With koalas as my co-pilot now in parts one and two!


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

You're doing it wrong . . .

Many times I was worried about the retirement. But then I got the Roth IRA from the Vanguard and now I do not fear for the monies.

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