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Wil Wheaton hates furries

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Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher, who recently showed a distaste for the furry fandom

Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, appears to have a bit of distaste for us furry types. On a blog about fandoms, he left this comment:

Furries give me the creeps, and I've had some random dude dressed up in a fucking fursuit try to hump my leg enough times to feel pretty comfortable saying that.

You want to dress up like animals and do shit together? Great, have fun. Just leave me alone when you're doing it. I don't think it's cute and I don't think it's funny. It's a violation of my personal space and I don't like it.

Just as everyone is entitled to their opinions about me and my work and my blog and everything else, I am entitled to hold this opinion and express it.


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well his opinion is his own. kinda sucked that his first experience with a furry screwed with him.

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Well if that's his experience with furries, I don't blame him. Who humps random people's legs in suit anyway?

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you know, it is funny, 2 Gryphon told me he met Wil and Wil admitted he was a fur....does this seem a bit contradictive?

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Wow... Well lucky us that he was just a supporting character rather than a main one. XD

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"I'm awesome cause I have a super conducting magnet!" The episodes with him in it seriously needs the black shadow of robots in the bottom of the screen. And getting humped on the leg is his own fault cause he wore that rediculous grey outfit on Next Gen. I don't beleive he was actually humped. If he was he went to a furry convention and that's his own damned fault...

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That sucks, I'd hate it if some random dude in a mascot outfit came up and started to hump me, I'd probably feel the same.

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leik furryz are ikcy we sould dew soemtheing aboot tehm.

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Oh ok don't forget to wash your hands after wards.

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Well it is quite a strong view and in this world with freedom of speech everyone is allowed their view, as others have already commented and no matter where he was really it was an invasion of his personal space.

i hope perhaps he can meet some level headed Furries who will help him see the joy of the whole thing.

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"hump my/your leg" is just an expression people use to describe someone's overzealous behavior to interact with another. Chances are he ran into a few fursuiters that were just excited to meet Wesley Crusher in the flesh, and he didn't appreciate the "attention."

And I agree with Xerxes, I understand his feeling that way, given the circumstances of his experiences with furries. I also hope that some rational furs give him a different view of the fandom.

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I have only two for him, 'Shut-up Wesley!

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And they wonder why we get a bad name for ourselves?

Whoever humped his leg needs castrating...

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well, everyone is entitled to say what they think i guess, though in my personal opinion, the intense hatred of an entire fandom for one individual's actions is about the same as a hatred towards an entire race, culture, religion, gender, or an entire orientation. therefore i believe this may be crossing the line a bit.

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Furries AREN'T a race!
His hatred of furries comes from someone doing something stupid.

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i didn't say furries were a race, i compared furries TO a race. anyone who says furries are a race is retarded and doesn't know what they're talking about. regardless, my comparison still stands, as the hatred is focused on one entire group of people based on the standards made by one individual, though some hate furries just because they're furries, so i COMPARE that to someone hating a homosexual merely for being homosexual, or a black man for being black.

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The Troll is right you know. What you're saying is exactly why Furries are hated. I'd say more but I get tired of repeating myself for no effective reason. But I'll say this: Nothing is forcing you to upload Yiff, which a lot of people hate.

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Ha! Trolls are never right. And nothing forces someone to download yiff if it's online either, so WTF? Why would someone download something they hate then complain about it? Idiots.

As for Wil, isn't this the same guy that openly hit on Roxanne Dawson (another Star Trek actor), knowing full well she was married? I her she tore into him for that.

But maybe he is just having a hard dealing with the fact that just about every Star Trek fan hated his character... Maybe we should all just give him a break. Sounds like he has enough of his own 'issues' to deal with.

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It's called YouTube, you know, that whole war thing that happened because people don't like it and yet Furries can't very well get the hint. You don't think things through very well do you?

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Maybe all of us non leg humping furries should get together and send him a big sorry card. First impression's are hard to undo, but it would at least let other people know that its not fair to generalize a whole group on the actions of just a few.

ie. Not all football fans are hooligans and skinheads

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Alas, the kinks of the many outweigh the cards of the few.

As he says, he is entitled to his opinion - and really, it doesn't affect us in any way, so let's just leave him alone. Nobody's going to throw a furry convention out because Wil Wheaton expresses distaste for the topic. (Though that would make for a great episode of ENTourage.)

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I still want to know when and where it was that he had this so-called encounter, since it doesn't sound like the kind of thing any tasteful fur would do in public.

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Wil Wheaton (or someone claiming to be Wil) was on FurryMuck for a stretch of time. It was not his first contact with them but rather a prolonged contact with them that bad behavior inevitably comes out in any social group by a minority participant. This may just be an open political stance for the camera, Wil is savy enough to know that controversy brings attention.

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Irony is Wil signed one of my con art books filled with Anthropomorphic Nudes... mahhahah

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"Shut up Wesley"
He does have a point about personal space though...

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Is this for real, or is he just hating? Because this sounds too weird. o.O

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