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The YouTube Furry War

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'The YouTube Furry War'; the name really says it all. Starting around the end of July this year, said "war" has been raging ever since, with diverse participants on both sides. Many ask why I started to and still do partake in this "war" - the reason is quite simple. If someone - hell, anyone - backs from this then it's somehow a "win" for the other side. And, with my infamy within the trolling ranks (they really hate logic), if I at any point back out then it's going to be a "victory" for the voracious losers.

Still, not all the haters involved are trolls. A troll is someone who hates and dirupts for the hell of it (ala chav - associated with juvenile delinquency, the "ASBO Generation", "Hoodie culture", and "yob culture".) Users such as StarNut45, Amnesty667 and srpuntas show that some haters have genuine reasons for hating furry kind. Coincidentally those three have since removed themselves from the way, StarNut actually giving a full apology. These are the people that furries should do more than just like, these are people who we should respect. They have the decency to actually admit - in front of hundreds - that they're basically wrong.

There are other haters who can teach us lessons however. And here I've is what some of them have taught me personally.

That trolls think finding publicly available information on someone is an amazing feat.

That good people can turn bad.

That trolls really are the scum of society. And are quite aware of it.

That trolls really are the most disgustingly perverse people in existence.

That he seriously needs to see a therapist. He even told me himself.

That trolls are damn ugly.

Copyright infringement is better than actually doing work.

That spamming the same insult again and again really is the only thing they're good for.

That some trolls actively support terrorist groups.

What's scary is that none of the above is really made up; that is what my experience of trolling communities has shown. Now I know not all trolls are really bad. As can be seen elsewhere in this fanzine, trolls can quite easily become perfectly good furries. Some trolls are already furries. There are people on ED, Something Awful and various chan sites who are already furries. StarNut, after apologising, actually became a furry.

So, in conclusion, although they may not all be bad; most of them are still real fuckwits.


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