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Furry YouTuber appears to violate David Guetta copyright while publishing false copyright claim troll videos

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There is an old saying that those who live in a house of glass should not throw stones. This can be seen as true for one furry who has been making a wave in the furry YouTube community for all the wrong reasons. In a video she posted, she shows herself filing copyright takedown requests of furry videos frivolously.

Copyfraud is the false claim of ownership over a work, it is something that the claim site on YouTube warns against doing due to the legal issues that can come with falsely claiming the work of someone as your own. In the mostly automated digital world it has become a common action to utilize false strikes to attack content creators.

But the greater irony was that in this video of the self-admitting copy-fraudster flagging these videos is that there is a grating and sped up music of some description in the background. A closer listen to the first song of the video at the eleven second mark, and slowing it down to half speed and lowering the pitch a bit, reveals it to be a copyrighted song: David Guetta - Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj

Still awaiting action

Before you take action though, know that it is only the song’s authors or those that represent them that can file a copyright claim. This is despite it being a pretty distinct violation of a copyright. It must be noted that there are two other songs in the video as well, but I can’t identify those ones: starting at 2:06 and 4:06. They both sound like pop songs, but cannot place them. So there is likely three copyright violations in the same video that shows the creator flagging copyright falsely.

It has been over a week since the false copyright claim video has been brought to the attention of the TeamYouTube account by BetaEtaDelota on Twitter. Their response indicates that they are investigating the counterclaims of creators that submit an appeal to these copyfraud attacks.

we look into misuse of our copyright tools/web-forms & take action, up to terminating the accounts of abusive users to resolve the strike, you can submit a counter notification or retraction, then we can investigate

Unfortunately another furry YouTuber who requested help reviewing and wishing to take legal action against the false claims, SimpleNicks, indicated that the response ended up turning hostile toward herself instead of providing the necessary information.

So will this rouge channel get taken down? Will it continue to harass furry content creators on YouTube? Will David Guetta or those that represent him file their own claim against the violation of his own copyright against the one who is used to handing them out? Only time will tell.


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Major companies constantly file false copyright claims and have done so for years without any issue. Youtube doesn't care about frivolous claims. I've had my own video claimed for showing something that was free to use by a French morning show who used the same video! I contested it and the claim was dropped but I never received an apology and, to my knowledge, the show never received any punishment despite taking my video down for a few days on a completely false claim.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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As a furry YouTuber myself, this news deeply saddens and breaks my heart. I hoped the furry YouTuber community would be better than this.

Engaging in copyfraud not only discredits the entire furry YouTuber community, but it also goes against the values we cherish like creativity and integrity. We should be promoting and supporting each other's content, not tearing it down.

The impact of these false copyright claims can be devastating for content creators who rely on their channels for their livelihood or personal expression. It also harms the overall reputation of the furry community, as we strive to create a positive and supportive space for one another.

It is ironic that the same person filing false copyright claims is also potentially infringing on others' copyrighted content. This behavior is unacceptable and must be addressed. The furry community should unite against such practices and strive for a more ethical and supportive environment.

As a furry YouTuber, I am disheartened by this news. It is our responsibility to protect our community's values and promote a supportive atmosphere. Let's work together to ensure the furry community remains a positive and creative space for all.

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The answer to this is, stop relying on tweets and emails to get YouTube's attention. They just trigger a canned response from an autoresponder bot, then go straight into the bit bucket.

Send them a physical letter. Properly formatted, printed on 8.5x11" (or A4 if you're in metric-land) paper, and sent via certified first-class mail in a same-sized manila envelope so that it's mailed flat, not folded. Use printed labels for the mailing and return addresses, so it looks official. And most importantly, make sure it you send it "signature/delivery confirmation required", or go all the way with a physical Return Receipt. (Which is, for those not familiar with that service, a special postcard attached to the outside of the envelope which will be mailed back to you via the USPS with the recipient's signature and date of delivery, as physical proof that someone at the other end signed for the letter and took possession of it.)

That will get someone's attention.

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