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Digging Up Positivity - January 2023

Edited by Sonious
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Welcome to the first Digging Up Positivity of 2023! Of course we start off with a bunch of charities, animation news, and our guest of this month is a staple from the virtual furry scene: BioGodz, we will discuss his new projects and how he got into the wonderful world of virtual reality!

But first things first, lets hop into the charities:

Furnal Equinox

Last month in the Furry Charity Index we listed Furnal Equinox’s amount raised as $337.50 however this was actually $8.474,89 (11,500 CAD) raised for Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge. And we are entering 2023 with no less than 4 furry events with charities attached to them!

Painted Desert Furcon

In the US Painted Desert Furcon where 1047 attendees raised $12,260.69 for the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary.


In Germany we had Furvester, where they raised $7,431.48 for Action Fischotterschutz.

Flappy New Year

Back in the US our friendly blue bird Adler and his friends raised $15,425 for Give Kids The World during their annual tradition: Flappy New Year

New Year Furball

And on the Eastcoast in the US, for a 725 furries came together with New Year Furball, and raised $1,138.17 for the National Queen & Trans Therapist of Color network.

And that was just the first weekend. During January I ran into the following charities:

Christchurch Christmas Snow Parade

At the other end of the world, deep into January, they could not get enough of Christmas. Relay and his friends raised $321 dollars during the Christmas Christmas Snow Parade.

Star’s Broken Computer

Even raccoons are prone to have broken computers, and luckily the fandom was every so happy to raise $1138.17 to aid StarRacoon in to get a new machine that was so direly needed

Anthro NorthWest

In Seattle, 2151 noses raised $16,549.40 for the Survey Wildlife during the 5th edition of Anthro NorthWest!


And in Ireland, a small but ever so awesome group of furs raised $868.39 for meals on wheels during FNNY. A yearly event set up by the Irish furries.


Meanwhile in The Netherlands, the every so adorable and blue Dutch Angel Dragon Aoi raised $511.18 for Cliniclowns

Further Confusion

And last, but certainly not least, we have one of the US premiere furry conventions: Further Confusion, where they raised $17,479 for Muttville.

Facts about the Furry Fandom

But all these charities, those are not the only numbers floating around in the fandom. Where we have FurScience amongst others, we have Charleston Rat who was working on Facts About The Furry Fandom. Lately things have been a bit silent but
real soon he will revive this interesting series with a new episode: Facts about Fursuits and Fursuiting, based on the 623 responses he had from his own survey.

The vide is due on March 1st!

The Good Furry Award

And with all these good initiatives within the fandom, it is very good to recognise those behind them! Which brings me to the 5th annual good furry award. A yearly award by Grubbs Grizzly. And the nominations for this year are open on their website Amongst the 2023 contestants are Brett Chise, known for her role as vaccine researcher and her ongoing effort to provide information online about these topics. You can submit entires until March 31st!

Ursa Major Award

Which brings us to the Ursa Major Awards, which has a bit more of a broader focus and categories, they are a long running award ceremony dating back to 2001. You can submit your entries until February 11th!


The fandom always has been bursting at the seams with cool animation projects. And one of the trailers that dropped in January was Talon. A very interesting take on the dinosaurs at first, but it rapidly evolves in a magical adventure on a galactic scale. While grown up with Jurassic Park, I still have to get used to raptors wearing a
lovely feathery coat, but it definitely is growing on me.


Another trailer this January is from the highly anticipated Lackadaisy, previously covered, based on the very popular comic set in America during the prohibition, it is just bursting with energy. The short is planned for March and I can’t wait to see what antics they are up to!

They kept us in the loop with cool little animations and little bits and pieces, so I am so very very hyped about this.


But not just on the small screen we have traditional animation, various projects are happening in the virtual world and one of the big players is this months’ guest!

[Interview with BioGodz]

Thank you

And with this, we arrived at the very end of the first episode of the 6th season of Digging Up Positivity. I for one am really looking forward what this year may bring. Besides this monthly show, I stream every Monday at 8pm Central European time on Twitch. Drop by and vibe with us with some art and chill beats.

If you want to support this channel, do check out my ArtworkTee store, or drop a coin at my Subscribestar or Patreon like these amazing critters: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser

The next episode will be on February 25th. And I am looking forward to see you there! And remember, love you all, stay awesome and all the hugs!


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