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New furry survey in the blocks

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Give feedback on your life in the Furry Survey 2009, where we will again find out the nature of all that is fuzzy!

We here at FT love to know about the make up of the fandom, and it seems that one Alex Osaki does too! Following the huge response to the 2008 Furry Survey, in which over 5000 people took part (the largest known response to a furry survey to date), it only seems fitting to do another one.

Osaki, the man behind and the Furry Research Center, is presenting an improved version of the 2008 survey with more questions concerning non-furry activities and convention attendance - both topics rarely covered by other surveys of the fandom - and with a turnout expected higher than that of last year, it proves an invaluable source of information on fandom life.

It is not without potential fault however, as was a potentially skewing factor in the 2008 Survey, there are no limits in place to prevent the survey being taken multiple times. There is also the issue of purposely falsified entries in order to demean the fandom (as we found during our 2007-2008 Furry Sexuality Survey.

Unfortunately issues like these cannot be avoided without vetting every entrant, which on such a huge scale as the Furry Survey is nigh on impossible. Regardless, we wish them all the best! Now go do the survey! ... Or read the results of the last one in State of the Fandom 2008.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

I've took part. ^_^

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