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Wallace and Gromit win BAFTA

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The latest Wallace and Gromit film, A Matter of Loaf and Death, has won the BAFTA for "Best Short Animation".

The film, which premiered to British audiences on Christmas Day last year and was watched more than any programme in 2008, saw it defeat rival shorts Varmints and Codswallop to win the honour.

Sadly, there was little coverage of creator Nick Park collecting the award, with his speech being given over the final credits as the televised ceremony ended on BBC One.

However, on what was broadcast, Park thanks BAFTA, the BBC, his colleagues (including writer Bob Baker, producer Steve Pegram and the voice actors, Peter Sallis and Sally Lindsey). He said of his team is, "the best team in the world. This is for them, although I’m going to keep this [trophy]."

Wallace and Gromit will no doubt be favourites in the running for both the Oscars and the Ursa Major Awards.


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