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Furp killed in collision with drunk driver

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Furp, who was recently killed in a collision with a drunk driver

Furp, known outside the fandom as Patrick Reed, 29, was killed on the evening of February 18th, 2009, when his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a vehicle being driven by an intoxicated Marine.

Furp was an Iraq war veteran and regular staff member at Anthrocon, Califur, FurFright, Midwest FurFest and the Rocket City FurMeet; regularly providing operations and first-aid assistance. He was travelling on Highway 62 in southern California when he was struck by a vehicle moving at 65mph (104 kph), he was thrown from his motorcycle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hundreds of memorials have since been left on news articles and his LiveJournal account. A memorial community has also been set up for people to mourn the loss of Furp.


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He was not a soldier. He had been out of the millitary for many years. His time in iraq was there as a civilian. furp liked to let people beleive otherwise because that is what kind of shit bag he was.

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Fuck you he wasnt a shit bag youre the shit bag for leaving that comment

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Rip man i wish i knew you

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I worked a number of conventions with Furp over the years. He went out of his way to provide medical assistance to folks who had injured themselves or otherwise became ill, myself included. And when the hard work was done, he proceeded to party hard, and that only made him all the more fun to hang out with.

He will be missed.

(Also, I'm glad to see that the pic I took of him got so much mileage. I just randomly took that picture at Dorsai Thing a few years ago. Who knew it would become so widely passed around?)

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Lost a Soldier, Gained an Angel. Rest In Peace mate~

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There was no drunk driver, this is all bullshit.

Read the news articles, no mention of any involvment of alchohol. The lie is distributed by people that are in a position to cash in on his death.

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Be curious to see what this "Polybun" says now that the police report into the death has concluded that it was a drunk driver who ran into Furp...

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it was a hit of run bitch

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The article page wont let me post so I'll put it here.

I just read the whole list of comments and all I can say for Furp is that I know he touched at least one more life in the best way. I'm just sorry it had to happen like this. I never knew you, but I'm going to make sure I live my life to the fullest thanks to you.

Friends and family... I'm crying with you.

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This may have happened a while ago, but a friend just linked this article to me in mention of Polybun's post. Get over yourself you useless putz. I have worked on civilian contracts as well for the military, just because you are a civilian, doesn't make the job any less dangerous. The fact of the matter remains that even after his time spent amongst military, he still lent his aid to many I suppose is beyond your narrow scope of observation. Go crawl back in your hole...

To Furp,

I'm sorry this happened buddy. I didn't know you personally, but I knew of you. Only thing I wish, is that I did know you personally. Take care of yourself, wherever you may be now.

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Draggor, a member of the three headed monster troupe, has come forward indicating he was inappropriately touched by Furp after having interacted with them online with adult RP when he was underage:

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