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Mark Allen finishes his Pet Project

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Promotional poster for "Mark Allen's Pet Project", when it was on in Edinburgh

Stand-up comedian Mark Allen will perform his Pet Project show for what appears to be his last time on 11th May.

Mark Allen's Pet Project is a stand-up show which Allen performed at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe festival, which covered the relationship between people and animals. It also involved Allen "Infiltrating" the world of the furry fandom via the use of a Dalmatian fursuit.

On his website, Allen wrote on 1st March: "It's been confirmed that I'll be performing Mark Allen's Pet Project at the Brighton Fringe on Monday 11th May 2009. It'll be at the new Fletch @ St Andrews venue and will probably be the last time I perform the show before I start working on my next bit of nonsense. If you want to see it before it's retired, you can book tickets on the Brighton Fringe website after Thursday 19th March."

Outside of the show, Allen also wrote part of a sex-based article for TimeOut magazine in which he covered fursuit sex in 2008. However, he noted this was a minority in the fandom.

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Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I found out about it hated him for it, then thought it was cool that he did make light of it, then I found out about his article about "yiff" and I hated him again! but he's ok but without us he'd be nothing!

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