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Whose suit? My suit!

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Most things, over time, improve in quality. Wine, cheese, technology. Even Fursuits are not immune to change. I've been in the Fur Fandom for nearly 10 years. I've attended five conventions, and seen MANY suits up close. Some have been simple suits, some have been incredible constructions of engineering.

Some people may feel that suits need to advance in quality to keep up with current ones, but I feel otherwise.

My own suit, Blaster 1, was a simple suit, constructed directly from a Simplicity sewing pattern, but with a few head adjustments to create a look for my own character. It had no special features to it, no electronics, no lights. Heck, it didn't even have feet or paws, I used trainers and gloves! It was, pure and simple, a 'fur-suit'. But it was MY Fur suit! That's why it was awesome to me. I designed it, built it, and I took pride in it.

These days, there are MANY Fursuit builders, who will build you the ultimate suit. Whilst I do not in ANY way criticise these people, they are providing a valuable service after all, I feel that a self built suit, even if it's a low quality one, will always have that special feeling to it.

Consider, when you bought your first car. It was probably a second hand cheap thing, with nothing special to it. But, it was a CAR! It meant you could go anywhere you wanted, when you wanted. Mine was an old 1986 blue mini. It was a hulking great lump, that didn't even have a working radio. But, it was MINE! I didn't care that it couldn't outrun a Fiat Punto, or it stalled when it was idle. It was a car, and it belonged to me, and only me! I had status!

The same applies, I believe, to Fursuits. It might be basic, and look second rate when compared to a professionally made suit, but it's a self built one. When peole ask "Who built your suit?", you can smile and say "I did!" When I first went to conventions, I never missed a chance to wear the suit. On stage, at the dances, even when I was just sitting at the bar drinking with friends.

These days, suits are very, very good quality, and no one will ever criticise a suit for having attention lavished on it, but for me, taking the time to design, build and customise a suit is one of the most fun things to do. I'm looking forward to building Blaster 2 this summer. Although it will never be up to the standard of a professional suit, I'll still hold the same love for it, because I built it, all by myself! —HedgeHog


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I feel this way about many things, no matter how old, tattered or broken something is... it still has status as MY possession.

Especially if its something you made yourself :D

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I can't help but feel the same way. I've built a great many things in my time, but as I've worked on the more complex tasks I set myself for Halloween each year I realize just how much work goes into a one off fursuit. Those people who take on the task for building bunches are much better equipped to handle the project than I could hope to be. The question for me come down to saving up or trying to tackle the task on my own for the next year.

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