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And the winners of the 2008 Ursa Major Awards are...

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The logo for the Ursa Major Awards, drawn by Heather Bruton

The winners of the Ursa Major Awards for 2008 were announced yesterday at All Fur Fun, Washington state.

The big winners this year are the writer Kyell Gold and comic book authors Blotch.

Gold, who has won several Ursa Majors over the year's for his books, many of which are male/male erotica, won the awards for "Best Anthropomorphic Novel" for Waterways and "Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction" for In Between from his book Out of Position. Gold has six Ursa Major Awards to his name, making him the joint-most successful winning alongside Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo.

Blotch, the name for the collaboration of two artists, Kenket and BlackTeagan, have won the awards for "Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work" for Dog's Day of Summer and "Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration" for "Suhl", the front cover for the Eurofurence 14 programme.

Other awards went to Heathen City for "Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story", and Heat for "Best Anthropomorphic Magazine".

The 3-D computer animated film Bolt won "Best Anthropomorphic Film", internet cartoon There she is!! won the award for "Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Work or Series", and Spore won the "Best Anthropomorphic Game" award.


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I hope to be among the winners next year when I publish my book The Chained Wolf Presents: The History of Humanity - A Somewhat Mildly Amusing Guide to a Now Extinct Species.

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Spore won an award? Wow, who decided that?

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