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UK furries found guilty of murder plot

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Christopher Monks and Shaun Skarnes, who have been found guilty with conspiracy to murder

The case, as first reported on back in February, of two furries charged with conspiracy to murder has been picked up again in the last week as the two were put to trial by Preston's Crown Court.

Christopher Monks and Shaun Skarnes, known as Rox Yin and Kyra respectively, have both been charged with two counts of conspiracy to murder.

It has emerged that the intended victims were to be Monks' parents, whom he described as being overly-protective. Monks' chatted online with Skarnes about how best to kill them, and devised a plan to do so. In return for murdering his parents, Monks' would allow Skarnes to bite his penis off.

The plot was only foiled when Mr Monks awoke with Skarnes brandishing a kitchen knife, he suffered minor injuries prior to his wife - Elizabeth - managed to calm Skarnes down and call the police.

Mr and Mrs Monks however remained supportive of their son, citing his autism as the cause of his actions and not actual murderous intent.

They are due to be sentenced in September.


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Autism certainly doesn't cause a person to murder their parents ...or want someone to bite their manly bits off. And of course they had to be identified as furries -_-;

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