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Paul Kidd To Address Library of Congress

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The Library of Congress Professional Association's

What IF... Discussion Forum for Science Fiction and Fantasy present

"Breaking The Fantasy Genre Barriers"

By Paul Kidd

Fantasy fiction - supposedly the great "bastion of imagination" is now
subject to rigid genrefication by the publishing industry. Paul Kidd's work consistently breaks these genrefication rules. The critical acclaim of his books shows that powerful vision should never be bounded by artificial constraints.

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 12:10pm, Pickford Theater, LM-301

Library of Congress, Madison Building


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Kidd is addressing the LOC on the strength of Whisper of Wings alone, NOT his work with TSR.
This is especially remarkable as it moves anthropomorphic writing with a strong furry flavor out of furry fandom into a broader market.
Because furry fandom is also more visually oriented, this event brings hope to furry writers that they can gain publicity and recognition even without artistic skills.
Rev. Boxer @ Gettysburg, PA >

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I'm with Boxer on this. As furry and fantasy fans, we've got to stand up for the actual original works or we've no right to complain when everything goes right back to 'business as usual'.

I'm extremely glad for Paul's sake that he'll get this kind of recognition. As well as Whisper of Wings itself (if you haven't bought a copy, what are you waiting for? Get it for the Terrie Smith art if you don't like to read, but whatever you do, get a copy!), which, in case you hadn't noticed, I think is one of the best fantasy books I've ever read, period.

Come on folks, this is another writer here. We owe him our support, for our sakes as well as his.


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Who plans on attending this? I can't, having used all my vacation, but I hope someone can make it.

Does the LoC post transcripts of their lectures online? I at least want to read what Mr. Kidd has to say, after he says it.

(note to self: put "Whisper of Wings" on wish list ... again ... at least I got "Here Comes a Candle" last year)

-- Stauros (newbie here!)

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That's...interesting, as I didn't find Whisper of Wings to be that strong of a book. Among other things it suffered from a lack of a good editor; on one page, I identified nearly half a dozen obvious typographical errors. The prose could have been edited tighter, as well...there's a lot of fluff in the book that is unnecessary.

*shrug* Your mileage may vary, of course.

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Test...why the weird error message?

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I attended the lecture at the LOC (it was neat!), and the Publisher, who had helped to arrange the event, was there, and filmed the entire proceeding. I understand that they will be making it available online, in streaming media format so that it can be watched over the Web, either at high speeds or normal (modem) speeds. I don't know when or where, though.

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Huh. Logging out and back in again fixed the problem. Weird. Nothing to see here, move along...

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Interesting. I too found "Whisper" to be not as good as some of Paul's other works but boy the folks that like it absolutely love it. I much prefer Rats of Acomar as a novel but I do see why Whisper of Wings tends to break a few fantasy genre boundaries. and a few between "childrens and young adult fantasy" and more tpyical adult fantasy

In any case, I'd absolutely love to have a transcript of the talk if one is available for preservation in the Anthropomorphic Fandom Repository. If anyone that attends is able to obtain a copy, please do let me know.

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While I have only read two of his works, I do like both of them. However, I prefer 'Fangs of K'aath' over 'Whisper of Wings'. I could more easily visualize K'aath than I could Wings... probably because I had the comics to act as a starter

MistWing SilverTail

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