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Indiana gets a convention

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Yet another furry convention has sprung up in the last month, this time the Indianapolis-based convention IndyFurCon.

Headed by Tora Nightprowler and scheduled for August 5-8, 2010; IndyFurCon is Indiana's first furry convention, starting life with the theme of "Tropical, Furry, Fun!"

It is to be held at the Fishers Conference Center and offers a range of entrance choices, from the $15 day pass to the $130 super-sponsor. There are also a range of lifetime memberships, which give entrance to this and every future IndyFurCon for up to $750.


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Yay! Another furcon. Wait lifetime passes? I need to buy one!

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This would be so awesome if other conventions had lifetime passes you could buy.

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This excites me. :D

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