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2009 Ursa Major Award nominations open

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The Ursa Major Awards logo, drawn by Heather Bruton

Nominations for the 2009 Ursa Major Awards are now open.

The Ursa Majors are the main awards given out by the furry fandom. Nominations are sent in by furries on a range of different subjects including films, comics, literature and games.

Nominations for the final short list will be open until 28th February, with the final round of voting taking place from 13th March until 18th April.

Those short of ideas on who to vote for can read the "Recommended Anthropomorphics List".


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I'm voting for "Who are the furries?", the news article for which I was interviewed.

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Of course, this time they're not open for everyone.

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You may want to post that information on the WikiFur and Wikipedia articles concerning the awards.

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