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Transfur relaxes content policy after user survey

Edited as of Sun 18 May 2014 - 10:43
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Transformation art archive Transfur has relaxed its content policy, after surveys suggested enforcement of existing rules was negatively impacting the site.

The new rules remove a long list of forbidden transformation subjects, simply a skill warning, and permit occasional works not involving a direct transformation.

Over the years we lost sight of the reasons for the original rules and focused too much on a strict enforcement of them. The only thing that we succeeded in doing was portraying Transfur as a negative, rule mongering, unfriendly place to visit.

Administrators say art "should" still involve transformation, and "obscene, violent, and extremely offensive" transformations remain forbidden. Public commentary has been generally negative – albeit dominated by those focusing on rules which were not modified to their liking (or at all).

Transfur has a reputation for strict moderation, leading to comments (NSFW) like "i thought stuff this cool was against the rules".

The change came just a week after Inkbunny began to allow PG-rated humans in artwork.


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