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Inkbunny reconsiders 'no humans, no photos' policy

Edited as of Wed 3 Nov 2010 - 23:51
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Humains interdits, by RacineFurry art and story gallery Inkbunny has changed their content policy to permit limited photography and human-based art.

Humans and human-style characters are now allowed in art as long as they are not engaged in sexual activity and don't show genitals or sexual arousal. Stories containing humans were already permitted along similar lines.

Photographs of objects created "by you or for you" or acting as a background to another work may also be uploaded.

Launched in June, Inkbunny's features and policies won fans among those looking for a venue to sell their work, but many who draw humans or human-like characters avoided the site. Sculptors, photographers and fursuit builders also had little to contribute until now.


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THANK YOU. I'm still not joining the site by any means, but at least they've changed that dumb-ass rule. Don't tell me what the hell I can and can't draw.

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It wasn't that the owner was against such artwork, but concern over being arrested or thrown off AlertPay for selling it, or getting the site blacklisted in various countries for showing it. When art resembles life, things get tricky.

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