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Video: Fjordwolf's 'Furrytale'

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German fursuit builder, author and Zeta-Pride organizer Fjordwolf tells us of the solitary life of one fur and his dog in A Furrytale. [Diadexxus/furrymedia]

Also recorded by Oddisee is The Naked Bunch, following a group of naked hikers in the Alps.

Fjordwolf's book, Mein Fruend Nobody ("My Friend Nobody"), is currently sold out; however, a sample story is available. He has also produced several music videos involving fursuiters.


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"Zeta Pride"
I face palmed so hard I'm pretty sure I broke something.

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As did I.

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The feeling is apparently mutual. From a comment by 'Ben' on the Oddisee site (translated):

Now the poor Zoos are being associated with Furry. x.x

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Now the poor Zoos are being associated with Furry. x.x


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Wait, seriously?!

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The email below was sent to my (and apparently all other) email accounts on
Purely the word 'furry' in the subject saved it from deletion, as it had the whole smell of SPAM on it.

Subject: film about german furry
Date: Tue, November 16, 2010 5:22 pm

my name is anna , i just did a shortfilm documentary about an awesome
furry from germany- close to the place where i live. my intension with this
portrait was to
gain more understanding and tolerance towards ways of living, that many
people- who consider themselves as normal- maybe wouldn't want or even try
understand. To support the Furry-way-of-live!!!!!

you can watch it here:


miss meerkat

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I notice "miss meerkat" also posted on (translation), resulting in some discussion.

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he also helped out with the Yiff Me 3-the movie

series thats floating around on xtube, so.

it doesnt surprise me in the least that he heads a group called "Zeta Pride"


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