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Furry News Network launched

Edited as of Fri 21 Jan 2011 - 01:56
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A new contender has joined the short list of furry news sites – the Furry News Network.

Launched this month by Badwolf, FNN has a social networking focus, incorporating a variable tweet stream, and aims to cover a variety of topics.

To date, FNN has followed the saga of ThunderRoo's parental deception, promoted Kyell Gold's Shorty nomination, given a summary of Curt Pehrson's documentary, and covered TLC's 'My Strange Addiction', FWA's new registration system and a video of two fursuiters playing in the snow.

FNN has a strong Twitter presence, with nearly 1000 followers. In comparison, has 556 and Flayrah (which does not follow others) just 108. However, the site seems light on original content and analysis, with many stories composed of summaries from and/or links to other websites.

The site is currently seeking editors and artists, and also hopes to attract ad revenue.

Editor's note: Flayrah wishes Furry News Network well, and the site has been added to our front-page footer.


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Has anyone else noticed that comments on the FNN stories seem to be from random other stories, and don't match the number of comments listed for the story?

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I understand they are having technical difficulties. It is not always easy to get a new site up and running! Comments can be particularly troublesome - about a third of the issues I've had to deal with on Flayrah involve AJAX comments.

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Iddn't dat excitin?

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There's a discussion about collaboration or merging between news sites on, with my thoughts in the comments.

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Also, some furs on Reddit claim the site spams your friends, which might explain the sudden growth on Twitter.

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Looks alright, least the website isn't hideous, partly cus they used a WordPress template. I always find it a bit cheesy though when people take a brand and adapt it for their own means, in this case CNN. Still the content looks alright from a glance so I look forward to more furry news entering my Google Reader inbox.

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I was just about to say I disagreed, that I found the website very cluttered and poorly laid out. But it looks like in the last day or so they changed the layout, and it is much better. Although it still feels a little cramped because of the narrow column width on my screen (which isn't a widescreen aspect ratio). But that is my opinion based on my minimalism preferences for website layout.

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I've seen worse. But there's certainly room for improvement and I agree there is a clutter that could be either removed or spaced out. I favour simplifying when possible, for instance at the foot of individual blog entries they have a row of buttons for sharing to various social media websites. In my designs I swap it instead for a simple share button, so if they want to share the article on a social media site they can just click and it'll bring up a menu with options. Things like that. Also notice they have 2 search forms and the RSS entries feed button repeating 3 times!

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