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FNN column 'Ask Papabear' jumps ship after posting delays

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Grubbs Grizzly's advice column "Ask Papabear", originally distributed by Furry News Network, has moved to its own site, although it will still be available to FNN for syndication.

The greymuzzle's letters of advice cover both traditional and furry-specific topics, including the nature of furry fandom, personal relationships, dealing with adversity, and "coming out" as a furry.

Grubss' previous host appears to be on hiatus, having added no content in over a month. 771 pieces (aggregated and original) were posted last year, but submissions declined sharply after July 2011, and slowed to a trickle late least year.

Update (17 May): Looks like FNN was listening; several new stories have been published.

Editorial: Furries are already well aware of sex and sexuality

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An opinion by the title of Room 366 or "How furries need to realize that sex and sexuality ACTUALLY EXIST" was posted on FNN as a result of the accidentally leaked dirty dancing fursuit video Room 366. [The article originated on AsylumCat (NSFW), a furry bondage site.] As a result, I find myself needing to talk a little about sexuality and the fandom.

While some of the reaction to the video could be considered a bit alarmist, this article as a reaction was also alarmist. The title was demeaning, implying that it's furries who are uneducated about sex and sexuality. I cannot briefly state every reason why this is just a flat-our wrong assertion, so I'll cut it down to two specific examples.

Writer's note: I have not linked to or embedded the video, because it is the property of EZwolf. The video was illegally re-uploaded; it is in the above articles. EZwolf's comments are here.

Furry News Network launched

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A new contender has joined the short list of furry news sites – the Furry News Network.

Launched this month by Badwolf, FNN has a social networking focus, incorporating a variable tweet stream, and aims to cover a variety of topics.

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