Creative Commons license icon opens to connect artists with commissioners

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Your rating: None Average: 3 (7 votes), a furry commission facilitation website, launched in open beta this Friday.

The site currently hosts single-price commissions with a variable number of slots. Adult commissions are not allowed. Payment is made through the artist's PayPal account.

Site owner Shenanigans explained his motivation:

I created to help streamline the buying and selling of specifically commissioned artwork. I, personally, was sick of keeping up with spreadsheets tracking "who has paid, who has not," "what status is the order," "how many orders did that person make," and after all that organization still receiving a few nasty notes of orders I had forgotten all about.

Future transaction types may include raffle and name-your-own price; auctions are not planned.

17Cats has a similar focus on commissions, but only offers artist biographies and contact pages.


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Mhh, while this is a very nice idea, I feel that not allowing adult commissions is going to kinda cut on quite some activity. Not only because many people like/do adult stuff, but also it forces artists once again to "split" their works and in the end, end up using more then one side for the same purpose, again.

Personally, if I was an artist, I'd still trust my own spreadsheets more than an external website that might go offline after whatever hacker attack, bandwidth problem or anything, at least my personal files give me the possibility to back-up everything.

So, two points I cannot really befriend with.
I also think it is nicer if you have your commission infos right at your full gallery, so people have a better impression than just some single sample pics, so, I guess I'll wait until some furry gallery website includes commission advertising features like this.

But still, I hope the best for the site's owner, I think it's cool to see more people getting involved with their ideas and services in the fandom, one day maybe I'll do something like that as well, hopefully.^^


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The basic issue with adult commissions is that PayPal can't be used. You have to add in another processor - say, AlertPay, which is notoriously unreliable for furry stuff. As for reliability, several artists lost commission information when FA dropped ten days of comments from its database, so it's a problem for people today.

I know at Inkbunny we'd like to help artists handle commissions, and it might even be easier with our new payments setup (which is similar to Outfoxed in that you send money directly to the artist). It's all a matter of priorities.

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