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OC Register interviews student fursuit builder

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High school artist and fursuit builder Ludicrousy is featured in an interview with the Orange County Register, in which she describes her move to Orange County High School of the Arts, and the discovery of her passion for costuming:

... as I started to explore my art work, I said 'You know, I can do a lot more here than just be someone who goes to college.' [...] I felt like I found what I'm supposed to do with my life.

Watch: Ludicrousy's red wolf Kawl entertains students and supports the Make It Better Project.


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Oops, better let FA know so they can start up a shitstorm over nothing.

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It's a newspaper, not a television show, furries tend to be more timid when it comes to articles, especially from a local paper.

Natianal TabloidS? Then you might have something

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The third largest newspaper in California, for that matter. They don't need to be sensational to get an audience.

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I was sure not to say anything that would compromise the fandom's reputation even further.

However, the article isn't about furries. It's about my art and my school's impact on me and my fellow classmates, as well as my take on college.

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