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Furry imageboard fchan has dropped off the net after an update which saw it removed from the domain name system last night. [tip: Rakuen Growlithe]

The domain appears to be in "serverHold" status, suggesting a removal due to financial, legal, or operational reasons. It does not appear to have expired.

Update: Site administrator Xenofur says the registrar messed up the nameserver configuration; will work until they finish moving.


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Financial, legal, and operation is kind of a very broad reason. I must say if FA went down without giving a reason there would be people kicking and flailing demanding explanations and explanations now.

So I guess since we should hold everyone to the same standards I will now act like a furry when FA goes down.

"FCHAN! What are you doing! Why does your site crash so much, we're your USERS! We DEMAND we know everything that's going on! Y didn't U tell us what was going on? What IS going on? Why do you hate you user base so? I think this just shows how corrupt and uncaring Xeno is! He's just using his cushy position and raking the donations!"

Alright, there now we're good.

By the way, we should have a poll as to how many furs found this out by going to a furry news site, or visiting the site themselves to getting the "site down" screen.

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Thankfully FA didn't go down, though it just had another privacy breach (this time through social engineering).

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While I admit that FA's staff hasn't been the best when it comes to social engineering that link doesn't really prove anything. It says "Look someone was hacked here's a link with proof..." and that link goes to someone's post that says:
"So is the admin that just now got their account broken into gonna be reinstated too?????

Might as well just give everyone their admin back despite the repeated mistakes! GOSH"

I may back pedal to see if there is actually any evidence anywhere in the thread he linked to, but the post he linked to really tells nothing of that.

EDIT: Nevermind, Summercat admitted it happened on the thread and reopened it. Maybe they ought to try and social engineer their own staff every once in awhile, and failing the test results in a one month removal of privileges or something. Social Engineering is the easiest way to hack into something, and something anyone with any amount of computer experience can do. It doesn't pay to have people that are far too trusting, especially in this fandom.

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Just for the record: I think the only kind of donation we ever got was ~100$ four years or so back. Since then we've been powered entirely by ads and our host's graciousness.

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I was joking about how the way people tend to react when a website goes down unexpected in this fandom not necessarily about FA itself, but it's the most obvious example. The sky is falling, call the National Guard, and stuff of that nature.

My apologies if you felt I was sniping you or your website, it was sarcasm.

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Nah, it's fine. Your comment was funny. :)

The comment was mostly for others browsing along. ;)

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Our current host had managed the domain name registration via a reseller who has been incommunicado for a really long while now. That reseller has been the actual business contact with the registrar. Since the machinery kept running this hasn't been an issue, until now.

As far as we can tell the registrar messed up the nameserver configuration so it doesn't point at the right nameservers anymore. Our host contacted them trying to get it fixed, but their answer was: Talk to your reseller and have them talk to us. Which is kinda difficult with the communication issue.

Our host is currently in the process of moving the domain to a different registrar and everything should be fine in a few days.

Edit: You can use in the meantime.

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The transfer will take 7 to 10 days the registry is a bunch of slow old farts. You should point the name servers before it completes then you truly can be up in a few days. Talk to whomever has the Zone file, be that the re seller or the registrar. The company with your zone file has the real power.

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Fchan has a new domain due to the complete and some believe malicious incompetence of enom, the new domain is

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What a revalation i have had. xeno, good day sir for clearing up several dark areas and i wish to you it resolves much soon. good day sir.

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I love how you go to FA and they are openly bashing FChan.

I'll admit I actually use FChan for ideas for The TNSC Art Contest.
(or the Art Contest on The TNSC Community - The New Site of Creativity)

I am also thinking of creating a feature on TNSC to link to other community sites.

Oddly still is that FA seems to get quite a few issues a year.
And this would be the first year they haven't "randomly" failed completely around the time of FA:U.

I still think it is amusing to see my little project, which costs me (and its users) nothing at all, having less issues. *shrugs*

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The thing is your website saves absolutely nothing, that's the difference. If FA had to delete user content when the amount on the servers got too large, it as a website would not exist, though it is something the FChan can do quite easily as it is not a user art site, it is merely a topical thread site which puts art into lists that come and go.

So while you may seem keen on stating you run your site cheaper, it'd be like saying you're running your fruit stand cheaper then someone else is running a car dealership. Yes you're both selling goods, but the goods you're selling are hardly equivalent in substance and structure.

Also I haven't notice people bashing Fchan there, but seeings as I don't run the site I don't go looking for such things, I'm sure you'll find someone bashing anything if you look hard enough for it, Even FA itself.

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