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Furnal Equinox summons the 'Wild Magic'

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Canadian convention Furnal Equinox held its second edition this weekend in Toronto, cementing its place as Canada's most well-attended furry event.

Over 450 registered in the course of three days, and 110 participated in the fursuit parade.

The charity auction raised CA$4,000 for the Mississauga Humane Society, with a commission from South African Guest of Honour ZEN selling for $450. Fellow Canadian Guest of Honour FirestormSix provided fursuit photography and hosted a panel on fursuit care.

The convention enjoyed significant growth in other ways, too — a move to a new wing of the hotel resulted in a larger Dealers Den, the addition of an Artists Alley, and a Zoo space well used for gaming and social time among attendees.

The Games Room was a common haunt with the addition of a vintage Williams pinball table. This year also marked the debut of the "Wolf's Den" for sponsors; a con suite on the 11th floor of the Doubletree that was also used for receptions by other conventions.

Furnal Equinox 2012 is to take place March 16-18, featuring furry artists Dark Natasha and Marci McAdam. The theme will be "Infurnally Yours".


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Jesus H. Christ, for $450 you could probably get a *REAL* woman (or man) to fuck you, and I bet they'd throw in some animal noises for free. Am I missing something here?

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Troll harder.

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Who's trolling? I've jerked off to Zen's artwork in the past and I will again, but anyone who pays $450 for it is fucking insane.

Do furries really think their orgasms will be more frequent and sustained if they masturbate to a physical piece of original art (touched by the holy hands of Zen himself!!!), rather than 'merely' an image on screen? That way, my friends, lies madness (or worse: that way lies ALLAN).

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I think you may have missed the point of a charity auction - and, perhaps, of a commission.

Firstly, it's probably not the physical item that bidders cared about, but that the art was made to their specification. Sure, ZEN might do a picture or two that you like, but if it involves your character, you might really like it.

They may also bid more than a lot's value because they support the charity, or they want others to think well of them. Lastly, it might be hard to get art from ZEN another way. Many artists limit the number of commissions they take.

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Hey, I'd take my character drawn by shitty artists anyday, though I probably wouldn't pay 450 unless I really liked the artist, or the charity.

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I was there at the live charity auction when the Zen piece sold. I can tell you that during the whole auction there was a huge sense of passion to help out the Mississauga Humane Society. A pair of zines went for $75! That's insane! But I know the person who won that auction and like many other bidders said, it was "For the Kitties!". It had nothing to do with paying tons of money to get a hard on.

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That's also a VERY good point. A lot of popular artists like Zen limit the number of commissions they offer. He was only selling prints at the con, not even sketch commissions (who can blame him though, he was busy!). I could have sworn seeing Zen commissions go for a LOT higher in past FurBuy auctions?

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Zen is South African? That must be how he draws lions so well.

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Anyone have a better idea of what "Infurnally Yours" could mean?

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Maybe a desire for someone..."burning" for them?

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And where's the magic part?

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