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'Formic Hivemind' charged with sex abuse of a minor

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Richard Kretovic/Formic HivemindPolice in Greece, New York have arrested Richard Kretovic, 19 - known in the furry fandom as Formic Hivemind - on a charge of sex abuse. Police say the victim is a boy younger than thirteen.

Police Sgt. Joseph Antinora further said that Kretovic met the alleged victim chatting on Xbox Live; and that upon discovering he was local to the boy, Kretovic arranged a meeting with him, after which sexual acts occurred in Kretovic's basement.

The boy's mother suspected he may have been abused and contacted police near the end of March. Their investigation lead to Kretovic, who was arraigned in Greece Town Court, and remanded to the Monroe County Jail before being released on $50,000 bail.

Kretovic's profile reads:

You’re my Number One, Kogi. I’ll always love you… BTW, I’m a homosexual furry. Troll if you please, I’m always looking for new challengers >=3 My cute Li’l brothers, Kogi-kun, Andy, Curtis, Izzy, Lynxie, Thundy-kun, Tornado, and Tully, My Big brother, Skiski, My sweet little sisters, Luna, Jinxxy, Kitkat, and Courtney, My big sisters, Spir and Kittykitty My nephews, Nicka, Leo and Cale and my Cousin, TunnelingPigeon


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I was disappointed by Kotaku's choice of title: "Self-Professed Furry Charged With Xbox Live Child Abuse".

It'd be just as accurate (and disparaging to a group) to say "Self-Professed Homosexual Charged With Xbox Live Child Abuse" — or "Self-Professed Halo: Reach Player Charged With Xbox Live Child Abuse".

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Yeah, I really do not think it was that important to the case, given that him being a furry does not really play any role into this.

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But is it really surprising that they would choose a title like that? Child Abuse? boring. Furries sexually abusing children? NEWS!Fuck the news media.

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Well, we don't know if him being a furry has a role in it yet or not. Was the victim a furry? Did they meet through FA or another site where the victim had posted his XBL information?

I know a large number of furs who use XBL to do voice chat.

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Gives a glimpse of the type of person he is, seeking limelight no matter the expense to others :/

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I was wondering if Kotaku ever ran an article titled: "Self-professed anime fan charged with possession of child porn."

But that I realized that probably happens so often it's not news anymore.

Ba dum dum.

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Women: Know Your Limits!

Furries: Stop Fucking Kids!

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First thing I don't see as relevant, the second though I think it good advise to man kind in general not just the furries.

If you were trying to do a "The second statement is a parody like the first", the first is poking fun at the old ways of thinking about females and now we know that for women these societal limits are so off setting that it's funny. "Stop Fucking Kids" is actually good advise, that should be followed. "Know your limits" is not, therefore in a sense of parody cannot be held within the same confines which only utter confuses me seeing them together, making me see the first as completely irrelevant.

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The reason you're "utterly confused" is because you're a FUCKING ASSHOLE!

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Since assholes are incapable of fucking, and can only be fucked, I can see why being one would be confusing.

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Despite the choice of title, I think this is good news. It's always good to see a child molester brought to justice.

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Yet another sick freak who should have their balls chopped off.

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I do not see anything good out of this. I feel furry is running into collision course with a fandom that is getting younger, I see more 14 year olds and younger and a vocal segment that feel there sexual expressions be it homosexual, adult baby, fetish, pedophile and or what not needs to be frank, public and accepted without restrictions or conditions.

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I'm weird and different. ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM! [/sarcasm]

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Ah, the old "blame the perverts" chestnut.

Here, maybe you'd like this alternative better:
I'm weird and different AND DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS ABOUT YOUR ACCEPTANCE. [/sarcasm]

Because if lumping all the [i]well-behaved[/i] perverts in with this guy is your idea of treating people with consideration, you shouldn't act surprised when you get little consideration in return.

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When did he lump in perverts? Or is perverts what is meant by "weird and different", I'm trying to see where you got perverts out of the comment you replied to.

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Not trying to start a huge fight or whatever here, but why do you feel the need to group the homosexuals in with the pedophiles? :/

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He was just using them as examples, he didn't mean that they were equivalent.

But i know what he is saying. I have a hypothesis as to why this is. I have observed that the vocal minority of the fandom have victim complexes, i.e. they feel like the world automatically hates them for who they are and that everyone owes them something. They go around saying these things because they seek justification of their beliefs, to show that the world really does hate them. This has led to the vocal minority overshadowing the silent majority and led to the bad image of the fandom.

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And this is different from any group anywhere how?

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It didn't say it was different. That's just why I think it is what it is.

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That's not really what he was saying, (imho?) he was saying that furries, and the groups themselves (where they coincide with furry), were too quick to accept and support these groups. Not victim complex. And, while I guess it is a bit of manner of opinion, I think most, furry or otherwise, can agree that there's nothing wrong with being gay, and that it's not on par with being a pedophile.
That said though, I will agree with the idea that there tends to be a victim complex issue among many member of the fandom. I just don't think that was what he was trying to say.

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Ughh. Sick!

Hope this guy gets locked up...

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Forgot my name xD

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I'm glad furries are so open and accepting of child molesters in their fandom.

Makes it that much easier to catch them because they can be proud of it and talk about it so openly with their furry friends.

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