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Fourth Menagerie event in Louisville, Kentucky

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The Kentucky Anthropomorphic Society will host its fourth "Menagerie" event on Friday May 20.

This 21+ event provides food, drinks, a place to crash (bedding will need to be brought), and a community atmosphere for $10 at the door (BYOB).

The Administrators of the Kentucky Furry Community have worked hard to attain a very large meeting space for Furries in or around Kentucky (or those willing to travel the distance), to use during our allotted time: Building Five, 640 Mix Ave. Louisville, Kentucky, 40208.

If you would be interested in seeing events scheduled for this event, please check out the Menagerie page above, which contains more information about events which are currently planned. If you are interested in running an event, or contributing, please create an account and join in on the discussion on our forums!


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