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'The Meowmorphosis' - fluffy retelling of Kafka's classic to be released on May 10

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TheMeowmorphosisCover.jpgIn Franz Kafka's classic 1915 short story The Metamorphosis, travelling salesman Gregor Samsa awakes one morning to find he has turned into a giant insect. In furry fandom, the story is often considered a pivotal work by lovers of transformation fiction.

The story is now being given a fluffy makeover in Cook Coleridge's The Meowmorphosis. Instead of an insect, Samsa finds himself turned into an adorable kitten.

Published by Quirk Classics (whose previous mashup novels include Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Android Karenina), The Meowmorphosis will be available from May 10. [Trailer video after the cut]


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The cover artwork can cause internal brain bleeding amongst some individuals.

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This is really an insult the the spirit of the original... its not about a damn transformation fetish... furries please have some dignity

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Well, maybe that's why no one forcing you or me to buy it :)

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