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Seattle filmmaker seeks funding for 'Bunny Rabbits'

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Let's pretend we're bunny rabbitsSeattle filmmaker Chris Diani is seeking funding for a project involving furries. His proposed film, Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits, is envisioned as "a throwback to the classic screwball comedies of the 30s and 40s".

In the film, a gay couple (both broke artists) break up and go looking for sugar daddies. One artist succeeds, but upon meeting his sugar daddy at a hotel, discovers that he is a furry, and the hotel is hosting a furry convention.

Diani swears that furries are not the butts of any jokes in his script, and has been wearing fursuits around Capitol Hill whilst trying to raise funds for his project. He also attended Rainfurrest last year, where he "had a blast".

A page for funding pledges has been set up on Kickstarter, a tactic previously attempted (without success) by Gaylord Film's proposed furry-featuring project The Honey Cooler. Anyone pledging $2500 or more will be rewarded with an invitation to have "a walk-on role in the film as a featured furry".


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Funny, I'd have thought he'd have had more luck finding a bear at a furry con . . .

I'm considering Kickstarter for a programming project, but it's hit-and-miss for films - perhaps IndieGoGo would have worked.

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Although Kickstarter didn't work out for The Honey Cooler, it looks like Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits has fared better - with about an hour to go (as I write this), they've succeeded in getting pledges for the $12,000 they need.

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At least when that one girl went onto TLC and got shunned by everyone, she got paid 1,500.

To do the same now I have to pay them 2,500 for the same? Man if only TLC knew...

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"Diani swears that furries are not the butts of any jokes in his script"

Oh, well, that makes it all okay then. ¬.¬

Let's file this under "Go away, please!" shall we?

-The Gneech

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Vaguely remember hearing about this awhile ago and... was not too thrilled by the news then either.

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Furries need to write their own movie and tv scripts. Then when I find an article about a tv show or movie with a 'furry' involved I won't have to go ugh more reasons that I don't talk about my interest in the fandom.

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Well there is that upcoming Bitter Lake movie :)

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I think he was talking about movies with furry as in member of furry fandom characters, rather than furry as in anthropomorphic animal characters. That being said, Bitter Lake is the way to go. Never mind that I still can't get my mind around a fursuit movie, if the details are a bit off, the idea is the right one.

A movie about furries as in members of the furry fandom by furries would be boring as crap, I'm afraid. Since furries would want to avoid drama, and the point of storytelling (in any medium, including film) is drama, well, just never mind.

Also, how can you do a screwball comedy and not have any jokes at the expense of everything in the movie, never mind furries. And seriously, if you're doing a comedy about furries and not considering doing furry-based jokes because somebody's feelings might get hurt (oh noses!), maybe you don't have the balls to do comedy, and should just give up now.

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In theory this would work out. Sure the plot will have conflict and drama, but it'd be drama you can point and laugh and say "hey, that's like the time I did that stupid thing!" We'll be able to poke fun at ourselves and the drama would be all on the other side of the fourth wall.

This, however, requires some witty scriptwriting to not offend too much people (can't please everyone). And getting actors might be a problem since probably nobody want their face to be associated with the exaggerated characters such a production may call for. So perhaps such an idea is more suitable for animation.

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If this is kinda what this is all about, if he's trying to "sell" the production of this film to the fandom, why not release his script to the fandom so that they can make a decision if it's worthy of investment? That's how it works in the business. People who throw money not knowing what will be returned from investment tend to get what they pay for.

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To clarify: I'm talking about the possibility of the fandom shooting a work of fiction about the fandom.

You make a good point on furries greenlighting the Bunny project, however.

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My opinion:

It's possible for this film to portray furries positively.

It's harder for this film to portray furries positively in a way that will contribute to the positive image of furry fandom.

It's unlikely for this film to portray furries positively in a way furries will approve of.

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urrggh not this guy again, he's going to do an awful take on the fandom and possibly help us attract more idiots and creepers who think it's ALL about fucksuits, fetishes and being gay. also $12000 is going to get you no where especially when you are going to have several fursuits

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Sage for shit.

Bonus points for the one who gets this.

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I want to watch this movie, actually.

I've decided I don't give a rat's ass (double enentedre, LOL) about what people view outside the fandom think. That's their own misconceptions and loss.

And hey, if someone's marketing furries in film, that's right up my alley. Popping popcorn in anticipation.

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