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Video: Furs dance at Meerkat Manor, visit Disneyland Paris

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The 12th Meerkat Manor dance and Disneyland Paris Halloween 2011 trip, organized by Timduru, took place last weekend. The latter had 60 planned attendees from nine countries.

The fursuiters were reportedly asked to leave the park for 30 minutes after stealing the show from the Disney character performers. [video: Djem; tip: Pegla]

See more: Video and photos and reports from prior Halloween trips.


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You're ruining OUR magic! Get outs! Get outs!

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Fortunately, the park allowed us to come back quickly after. ^^

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Awesome! Is that Titash? It sure looks like him!

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Hop & Lindy are the best, though! :D

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>fursuiters visit Di$neyland Paris
There IS a God... :')

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