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February furry media roundup

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Last month saw the Livingstone Daily pen a three-page article on furries, containing quotes from Michigan furs Ian Andersen, Chris Michaels and Steven Landers, and commentary from fandom researcher Dr. Kathy Gerbasi.

The piece contrasts furry as a hobby with therianthropy, and mentions furmeets, MIFurs, and local convention Furry Connection North – although it lacks quotes from event organizers.

Atlanta's Creative Loafing had trouble getting past an obsession with sex in costumes; perhaps not surprising, as the piece was written by the paper's sex columnist. Still, they mentioned this month's Furry Weekend Atlanta and interviewed Lion of the Sun costumer Solion, who emphasized the spiritual and transhumanist nature of his work.

USA Today cited Anthrocon as one of ten reasons to visit Pittsburgh.

Lastly, the Toronto Star's advice columnist Elle set straight a concerned parent whose otherwise 'perfect' son had expressed concerns about relating to 'earth-destroying' humans.



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