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Midwest FurFest looks for charity donations

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Mirko writes: "Well, the gauntlet has been placed before us. The challenge is on.
The stage is set. The cliches are flying! :)

Midwest FurFest will be the final furry con of 2001, a year that's seen
furs' generosity surpass anything ever witnessed in the fandom. The
latest example was Mephit Furmeet, where a group of 360 fuzzballs
raised well beyond $6,000 for Tennessee's Tiger Haven.

Here in Flyover Country(tm), we shall attempt to do something equally
as impressive: raise enough money to keep a vital animal-advocacy
group running for months -- if not an ENTIRE YEAR -- by our efforts

Animals for Awareness is one of a very few organizations in the entire
Chicago area -- the third largest metro area in the nation -- that
care for injured or abused wildlife and exotic animals. The group's
founder and a handful of assistants tackle the often-heartbreaking
responsibility -- and pay a good chunk of the expenses -- all by
themselves. If we at MFF raise what we raised last year for our
charities, AFA would have the money to make it through an entire
winter! Think of how much we could do if we doubled that, or more!

It's possible...but only with your donations. If you have time (it's
more than two months away), do consider creating and donating an
original piece of artwork for this year's MFF Charity Auction. We'll
accept other items too, as long as they're in good shape. Remember --
it's a furry auction, so let your creative gears turn!

See the Charity Auction rules and other information at, then let us know what you'd like to donate! I'm at



2001 MFF Charity Auction coordinator


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I know the group in question and they're EXCELLENT! Woo hoo! I wish I could go to that con to help support them. Oh, wait, I could DONATE a PIECE for the art auction!

hint hint


Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Here's a donate artwork, and I'll attend Feral next year! Yay! :)

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Has anyone put togehter a page that keeps track fo how much all of the cons put together have donated to charities over the past few years? I was thinking about putting together a page like the AFCIS that tracks attendance witha similar page that tracks the total charitable support that our fandom provides as well.

If folks are interested and have the for sure numbers, shoot me an email and I will put it all together.

David Cooksey

David Cooksey

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Mirko re-attaches his name to that reply...

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Okay! If I donate two, will you clone yourself and go twice?

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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You mean you _really_ want twice the bad singing around the campfire or twice the hammy performance at the cabin skits? And would we have to be in the same cabin?

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