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Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan

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JagguChhota Bheem is in a theatrical feature? Whoopee.

Well, it’s got Jaggu, a talking monkey in it. In Hindi, of course. “In theaters near you” – not very near.

I don’t know about India’s most beloved character, but the TV cartoons (available on DVD) and the comic book are about ten years old now.

See more: Watch the trailer


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Not that anyone seems interested, but here is a different trailer.

Fred Patten

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11:40 am PDT 17/05/2012 By Anand Gurnani

chhota bheem movie poster

1. What’s the synopsis of the upcoming Chhota Bheem and the curse of Damyaan? Whats the duration, medium and some of the credits?

Synopsis:Centuries ago, Damyaan, a Sorcerer was granted a wish to be immortal by the “Book of Magi” with a rider/curse that he would be confined to the City of Sonapur.To escape from this confinement and to unleash his dark arts over the world, Damyaan lures Raja Indravarma with a map with the directions to the City of Gold. Despite warning from gypsies, the Raja sets out to seek the treasures along with Chhota Bheem and his friends. Once he gets there, he unknowingly sets Damyaan free who captures Chhota Bheem and his friends and imprisons them. In the prison, Bheem meets Santrik who tells him that the only way Damyaan can be defeated is to destroy him with the “Book of Magi”.

The duration of the movie is approximately 88 minutes.

Credits for the movie: Director & Producer: Rajiv Chilaka, Associate Producer: Samir Jain, Animation Director: Owell Mina, Singer: Shaan, Lyrics: Sajan Agarwal Music Director: Sunil Kaushik, Story & Screenplay- Richa Deo & Seeta

2. When did you start work on the feature?

The pre-production for the movie started on 1st dec 2011, and the production for the same started on 1st February 2012. We finished the production of the movie in 3 months.

3. And how does one make a feature in 3 months and release it theatrically on the 4th month!!!!

We had over 200 people completely focused on this project. Although the production was completed in 3 months, we spent around 2 months on the pre-production process. Yes this is a crazy schedule, but in order to keep the costs under control and get the timing right, we had to do this in record time.

4. You mentioned about a certain number of people that watch a Chhota Bheem movie on TV and your wanting to have similar numbers at the box office..Please elaborate

Usually the premiere of any new TV movie of Chhota Bheem on Pogo attracts about 0.8 to 1.2 million viewers. We are hoping that even if that many people come to the theaters, and watch it over a period of 2-3 weeks, then it would give us immense satisfaction.

5. As is well known, releasing an animated feature on the big screen in India at least in the current scenario is a very tough ordeal…share with us about it?

Yes its common knowledge that its hard to get Indian Animation movies released in India. We are very very fortunate that we have a character like Chhota Bheem with us. With POGO also backing us up, as TV partner, we knew that we can crack the theatrical model. The team at Pogo helped us reach the right people at PVR.

6. What are the marketing tie-ups and brand associations have you done for the film?

We have tie-ups and brand associations for Chhota Bheem. All of them are listed below
Television PArtner – POGO
Resort & Theme park Partner – Haailand
Apparel PArtner- Reliance Trends
Hindi Comics PArtner – Gruhalaxmi (Diamond Group)
Online Retail Partner-
Brand Partner – Libra Mattress
Education Partner – Green Gold Academy of Animation
Exclusive Retail Partner-Green Gold Store
Mobile Platform Partner- Microsoft Windows Phone
Online Ticketing PArtner- Book My Show
Printing Partner – Kalajyoti
Digital Partner – and Bollywood Hungama
Merchandise Partner – Notty, GRV Creations, HM International, Mrs. Bectors, USHA Fans, John’s Umbrellas
Brand Partners- Bril &
Online Media PArtners – Animation Xpress &
Mascot Partner – Inflatable Ideas
Audio/Video Partner – SP soft

7. Who is distributing the film?

PVR Pictures is distributing the film in India and iDreams in USA.

8. Is it a co-production with Pogo or is this a GreenGold Pictures property?

The Movie is entirely produced by Green Gold Pictures. Pogo is our television partner.

9. How many screens and prints are you releasing with?

Its an all digital release. So far we have 253 Screens, 474 Shows confirmed

10. You also have worked on a lot of corporate bookings…must be a lot of hard work…

Yes, we are trying to rope in corporates, and so far we have around 5000+ bookings through them. With Bheem on our team, I would say the selling was pretty easy so far.

11. Do you see the movie increasing the Chhota Bheem fanbase or is this appeasing the fanbase by giving them an opportunity to go see Bheem on the big screen?

As children would be pulling their parents to the theaters as well, definitely the fan base would expand. We designed the movie in such a way that even the parents would enjoy it completely.

12. What kind of budgets has the movie been made in? Has it all been done inhouse at greengold?

Everything has been produced inhouse by Green Gold.

13. GreenGold Stores are now the talk of the animation Industry, tell us some interesting stastics about the stores, what kind of trends and consumer behavior are you observing at the retail end/…?

We are happy to hear that Green Gold Stores have been the talk of the Animation Industry.
The stores have taken us a lot closer to our audience and we have received very encouraging feedback about our products. Today we have over 15 stores across India and all of them are profit making. Any product with Bheem on it, sells like hot cakes.

14. Additional Comments

The Indian Animation Industry desperately needs a hit theatrical movie and we are hoping that Chhota Bheem would succeed. We request our friends in the industry to promote this movie and Indian Animation Industry by going to theaters.
I would like to thank entire team at Green Gold, for meeting this impossible deadline & working with un-believable enthusiasm, POGO for all their support & encouragement, PVR Pictures for their faith in Chhota Bheem, Our Sponsors for their kind gestures, and Chhota Bheem Fans for their love and affection.

Fred Patten

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"Animation Xpress. May 22, 2012. Chhota Bheem delivers the moolah at the Box Office


Delivering 1.8 Crores (18 Million INR) at the box office over the first four days, Green Gold Pictures Animated Feature Chota Bheem And The Curse Of Damyaan which released across 252 screens in India with 474 shows is a runaway success! The producers of the movie believe that Bheem will deliver in a range of 6 (60 Million INR) to 6.5 Crores (65 Million INR) at the box office over a span of 3 weeks.

The Super Star luster of Chhota Bheem in combo with the magic of animation is truly casting its spell on audiences. The film which got into production in February and already released to the audience within 3 months has delivered an average of 80% occupancy despite the fact that a significant % of the shows allotted to the movie were slots of 12 noon or earlier in the morning.

Now with the strong response, the film has got more shows added and is also getting better slots.

Rajiv Chilaka, Director & Producer of Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayaan and the Founder MD of Green Gold shared, “Based on audience response, ticket bookings and trade pundit analysis, the films is going to go into week 2 and even week 3 as well. In fact the film is right now on a number 2 position on”

“It is very important to get your timing right,” shared Rajiv, adding, “IPL is on and hence not many big bollywood movies are releasing, giving us a cleaner play at the box office plus it’s the summer holidays season, it all comes together”

“As important as the numbers of the movie’s box office, is that kids who love Chhota Bheem now experience the excitement of watching their favorite character on the large screen. The value of brand Green Gold has grown multifold and even Chhota bheem is growing bigger” he further added.

Dijan Bose, Distribution Head, PVR Pictures said that, “The Box office collection of Chhota Bheem has been incredible. It has received more than 1.8 crores (18 Million INR) over the first four days. The movie kept on getting better and better, Saturday was better than Friday, Sunday was better than Saturday. Even though Animation is a small market, it has hit the box office beautifully. Chhota Bheem has gained better response than Department. Cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore has almost attained 100% occupancy for the shows, Delhi of approximately 50% and Mumbai with 60%. I was sure about response to be good, but seeing this response made me amazed, it was far more than expected. It is an amazing feeling to see such a positive and superb response”.

Sharing his exuberance, Rajiv Chilaka candidly shared, “Honestly we did not have any expectations from the market. We were prepared to lose everything in this one. But going by the present trends, the movie is all set to be a surprise hit at the box office. For us, this is the first attempt. Our fingers are crossed and we are hoping that this would be a big hit at the box office. This has been a very big learning for us. In the next movie, we are looking forward to going to a much higher level, with higher budgets, and make a larger movie. If Bheem succeeds it would be good for the entire Indian animation industry”


Fred Patten

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Well, that explains all the search traffic to this article. Perhaps we shall see a sequel!

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Then a detailed review in English may be helpful.

Fred Patten

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The Chhota Bheem animation theatrical feature has turned out to be a major bandwagon that the rest of the Indian animation industry is jumping aboard. Today's lead story in the Animated Xpress has quotes from just about every other Indian animation studio, plugging what they are working on. Unfortunately, few have projects with anthro animals in the works.

Look at the actual article to see photos of these Indian animation studio execs.

"Animated Xpress. May 23, 2012. Chhota Bheem Takes Indian Animation to Up One Level.

1:18 pm PDT 23/05/2012 By Zeenia Boatwala

Continuing with our daily update on the Animated Super Star of India, Chhota Bheem. Tuesday was better than Monday for Chhota Bheem and the curse of Damayaan… the total Box Office tally of the movie has crossed INR 2.05 Crores (20.5 Million) in the first five days… spoke to some of the renowned Industry Stalwarts on their reactions to ‘Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damayaan’, their anticipation on ‘Arjuna-The Warrior Prince’, directed by Arnab Chaudhuri and produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Pictures, releasing on the 25th of this week & on their upcoming projects.

Ashish S K. CEO, Reliance Animation, Pune
‘The success of Chhota Bheem marks the beginning of good times for the Indian animation industry. Chhota Bheem has created a path breaking success on television and the character following would definitely appeal to kids as a feature film. I have no doubt that it will cross the set barriers and run successfully on the box office.’

‘Following the success of Chhota Bheem and even the timing of the film releasing at the end of IPL would give the desired

opening and a successful run for the much stylized Arjun. Animation lovers in India would experience the variety in design and treatments within the same month of May 2012. With this the appreciation for quality animation in India would definitely increase. It will establish a new high for the other animated films to come.’

‘Krishna aur Kans’, our upcoming animation movie, is coming at an appropriate time this Janmashthami.

The process has started with a good beginning, the trailer in 3D releasing with Dangerous Ishq followed by few other 3D movies to come during May, June and July.
We are blessed to find a positive phase of time with the release of Chhota Bheem as well as Arjun, providing a momentum and increasing the audience appetite for the release of the rest of the animated feature films.

As a great amount of work has happened over a period of a substantial time frame KAK have an extremely good line up of music which is due release during the month of June.
The music of KAK is definitively one of its greatest USP’s. We are in the process of closing the Licensing & merchandising deals.

For the film 3rd Aug 2012 being a worldwide release, it will have a vast reach as it will still be summer in most parts of the world. Having set the right platform and having done all the hard work in the right manner, we would like to rightfully position the movie in the space of family entertainment.

We think that with the support of several institutions, schools and temples worldwide we will be able to establish a much deserving space in the family entertainment genre which will help the industry to break all the barriers and apprehensions attached to animation because of the default kid’s genre positioning in India.

Kushal Ruia, Studio Head- ACK Animation Studios, Amar Chitra Katha Pvt. Ltd
“2012 looks to be promising and a landmark year for Indian animation on the big screen. Last weekend Chhota Bheem has hit theatres and I hear is doing well which is fantastic news.
Around the corner is the much anticipated Arjun which has teased us for so long. It’s great that it is finally coming out and I’m sure everyone is excited to catch it in theatres. I hear we also have Hey Krishna and Delhi Safari releasing this year!

But to bring the excitement home to ACK Animation Studios… we too have our very first theatrical feature film Sons of Ram coming out later this year and it is going to be presented in stereoscopic 3D. 40+ years of Amar Chitra Katha legacy coming alive on the big screen is a momentous occasion for us and hopefully for everyone who has grown up with these stories! The film is currently in post-production and I cannot wait to share it with audiences all over!”

Smita Maroo, Head – Animation Division, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.
“The good response to Chota Bheem is very encouraging for the entire Animation Industry. I hope the theatre owners realize the potential of Indian Animation films and keep supporting the animation film makers. I am very optimistic about Arjun and the other 4-5 films awaiting release this year. It is a full year with some great animation treat in store for the viewers.”

Nishith Takia, Co- Founder, Krayon Pictures
“Well, I have not yet seen Chhota Bheem, but I’ve heard applauding reviews from all the people I’ve met. This movie will do great because, it relates to the sentiments of kids and it is a property that is close to the kids hearts.

The biggest challenge for Indian Animation is to create awareness and translate interest into box office sales.

It’s proved to be difficult to get public in theatres to see animated films. But, with promising movies like Chhota Bheem, Arjun & hopefully Delhi Safari too, the audience will slowly start accepting Indian Animation films. We need to see the audience migrate from unpaid entertainment today of watching cartoons at home to paid entertainment, by watching the animated films in theatres.

Arjun – the warrior prince is looking great, the trailer is awesome & it’s comes out to be a very well directed movie. Arjun, I believe is a movie for mass audience. People of all age would love to see this film, I think. I am waiting to watch it myself.

I feel, our upcoming feature, Delhi Safari is a very touching emotional journey which has moved the audiences already at various Film Festivals. It has received encouraging response at Market Screenings screening’s at Cannes Film Festival, American Film Market, The Berlin Festival and official screenings at The Goa Film Festival and soon at Annecy International Film Festival on the 4th and 7th of June, 2012.”

Rahul Bakshi- Founder, Director, Phoebus Media
“I’m delighted, thrilled with the success of Rajiv & the entire team of Chhota Bheem. With Chhota Bheem, Rajiv has established a great model for our Indian Animation. He is indeed setting noteworthy standards for our Animation Industry.
With the creation of rich Indian Animated Content like Chhota Bheem Arjuna- the warrior prince & many more great works in line, I wish to tell to the entire audience to start seeing & appreciating Indian animation content.
The audience is the king & its appreciation adds to the confidence of the creators.”

Pankaj Sharma, Founder, Astute Media Vision
‘The success of Chhota Bheem is prime news for our Animation Industry. Chhota Bheem has become a big Brand due to its TV Series on POGO, which is quite popular among Kids. The strong fan following of kids towards Chota Bheem has led to the creation of good no. of shows. I am very delighted to witness the great response it has got from the Box office, Congratulations to the Chhota Bheem Makers.As Arjuna is backed by Disney/UTV, it’ll get good no. of shows. I have seen the promo and I have liked it. The releases of animation movies during this season is an Advantage because the movies are based on our rich Indian Mythology & also it’s vacation time for kids and no big releases are slated due to IPL.

Success of Chhota Bheem on Box Office should add positivity. One important aspect to be noted is that if, Arjuna -The Warrior Prince also gets good response from the Box office, it’ll be a healthy sign for our Indian animation & a motivating factor for the upcoming animation releases.

Astute Media Vision is ready with Bal Hanuman 4, Attack of the Universe and also working on a full length Action packed Hindi Entertainer based on the existing lifestyle in city with bikes and cars. Hopefully it shall be ready by July, 2012.’

Fred Patten

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October 29, Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan did well enough that the second Chhota Bheem feature has just been announced: Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali. Today's Animation Xpress has an interview with Green Gold Pictures' founder and director Rajiv Chilaka about it. It does not look anthropomorphic.

Fred Patten

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