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Short documentary: 'Being Furry in a Non-Furry World'

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This seven-minute film was made by three students at Ex'pression College in the Bay Area. The documentary was preceded by a pitch video and their blog, Fur & Flesh.

I have nothing to do with the makers or interview subjects, but I was un-knowingly caught on video for 10 secs in the bowling scene at 4:55. (Husky suit and plaid shirt, talking to Trip Collie.) Woo hoo!


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Heh, another use of one of my photos. As sort of the centerpiece, no less. Well, technically it's AC's photo, really...

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That's kind of a boring title, actually.

If I were making a furry documentary, I would call it The Rabbit Hole Is Not a Metaphor.

On the one hand, I don't think the fandom would approve.

On the other, I could probably get a hell of a lot more non-furries to watch it.

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the craziest part of this is that the GOP and furry fandom share something in common. Their distaste for the Main street Media.

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>some people have fursonas
>all people in the video do
Way to represent everyone, gyez!

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Boy ain't that the liven truth , Good doc. Mountain Blue Fox Joe.

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