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Animation: 'Damn! Bloody eggs! Bloody eggs!' (plus 'Dragon Half')

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The Chicken or the Egg, a 3’21” student film by Christine Kim and Elayne Wu at the Ringling College of Art and Design.

Bonus video: The closing credits to Dragon Half; lyrics by Kyoko Matsumiya.


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I'd have flipped the bird and taken the eggs, personally. It'll never work out in the long run.

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What you don't know: if the pig hadn't shown up she was going to order bacon.

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Staff pick? I like this. Cool feature to add.

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I'm guessing by your recent "Flayrah future" story and some comments you left there, you're thinking that's our staff picks. Sorry to dash your hopes, but that's not Flayrah's staff picks; that's the video's host site's staff (Vimeo). Flayrah doesn't really have a staff; Green Reaper just pretends he does because he likes to make us feel important.

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Dragon Half? Where is that at?

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I am doubtlessly a shallow-brained dunnohowdya, but whenever I see animation + eggs, I think of the closing credits of “Dragon Half”, which is the plaint of a teenaged girl’s singing (to Beethoven’s 7th Symphony) of the mess she made when she tried to cook a meal for her boyfriend.

“Dragon Half”, if you are unfamiliar with it, is two half-hour Original Animation Videos (or as Americans would say, direct-to-video videos) out of four by Kadokawa Entertainment that bombed so badly that it was discontinued half finished. So when the new American company A.D. Vision went to Japan looking for anime to license in 1993, the rights to “Dragon Half” were especially cheap. Nevertheless, it has always been one of my favorites.

Fred Patten

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Nice but I was waiting for some angry birds to show up. ;)

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