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'Smell Raiser' skunk Spiffy seeks stars on Android and iOS

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SpiffyToday’s feature in Mumbai-published Animation Xpress, a daily newsletter on all things animated in India, is about a new video game called Smell Raiser starring Spiffy, an anthro young skunk. (Also Tap Tap Sushi, for gamers who are also gluttons for sushi, but there is nothing anthro about that one.)

The official launch trailer for Smell Raiser was posted on YouTube on May 11.

Founded by industry veterans Ninad Chhaya and Chirag Desai, Mumbai based Playcaso has thrown its hat in the ring with the release of two games Tap Tap Sushi available on the iOS and Smell Raiser available on iOS [$0.99] and Android [free] platforms.

Smell Raiser is a side-scrolling, adventure game having Spiffy- a swift and energetic skunk on a mission. He wants to explore the lands of the unknown and travel as far as he possibly can. Using simple jump combination controls, help Spiffy collect stars, activate combinations and evade the creatures of the exotic. The game includes three exotic colorful environments with full retina graphics. It is a simple but skillful ‘one-touch’ control, endless game.

Playcaso is a multi-platform casual, social gaming company focused on delivering games across smartphones, tablets and other emerging connected platforms. Both the games were developed in Playcaso within a period of four months. The company has received strong support from Nazara Technologies which has incubated Playcaso.

(There follows a lot of hype about all the great stuff for the Indian video game industry that Ninad Chhaya and Chirag Desai are doing.)

Coming back to the two newly released games, Playcaso’ VP Products Chirag Desai pointed out that in Smell Raiser, the character had the potential for going the merchandizing way, “To make sure we approached this strategically, we ensured that both the cuteness and appeal in the character was not lost, we made them non-offensive to view but smart and strong enough to tackle the tasks in the game

Will Smell Raiser be the next big game in town? Time will only tell and so can you, go and discover it on your apples and androids and tell us what you think of it.

Welcome Aboard Playcaso!

I don't really understand video games, so people who know more about them than I do will have to say whether this is really any good or not.


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This game has some potential, but right now it behaves glitchy and surprisingly slow on my myTouch 4G Slide. It very strongly channels Robot Unicorn Attack, without the crazy rainbow stuff. All you need to do is jump, and the endless level increases in difficulty as the seller picks up speed. Instead of music by erasure, classical music plays in the background. And instead of dodging rocks you're dodging skunk-eating plants and sandworms, albeit with a similar bloody death if you miss.

There is also only the one sprite graphic so anyone looking for cute artwork of the cartoon character on the title screen will be disappointed. The glitches and kludginess, and the lack of anything interesting to look at, make this game pale in comparison to the addictiveness of Robot Unicorn Attack. (If you haven't heard of it, google it!)

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