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Video: Anthrocon 2012 fursuit parade

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Here's almost twenty minutes worth of video with 1044 fursuits from Anthrocon 2012.

Watched the whole thing? Pick out a couple of neat moments or original and cool suits and post them in the comments.See more: Another view from the other side and :20 earlier.


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5000+ attendees and nobody punched Allan or Crusader Cat in the face... :-(

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They ain't worth a ban man.

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What's this drama? Who are they and what happened this time?

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They didn't do anything at AC that I'm aware of, they are old drama.

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The problem is by punching Crusader Cat you only do two things. First, one demonstrates they sank to Crusader's level or lower and secondly they give crusader what he wants: persecution.
Curseder cant come across to me as having a martyr complex. He would do provocative thing just to attract persecution.

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I would punch neither of these people in the face*, but my real question is: did Allan even go this year?

*Okay, maybe if someone payed me to do it, I might punch Allan. But if CC was wearing his suit I honest-to-God would not be able to do it.

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I have no idea who either of those people is and why they would warrant something like that. Who Allan & Crusader Cat? Do either have Wikifur or ED articles that could explain the situation?

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Yay! A wholesome furry video I can sit down and enjoy with the entire family!

(Eight seconds into video) "Fuck yeah!"



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The parade was a lot of fun as always, it's one of those must haves for any furry convention :)

Simply amazing how many fursuiters attend conventions these days, and of course the number is a little low for total fursuiters attending the convention - I'm sure there are still plenty more who didn't march ^.^

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