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FurBuy Owner Changes Mind- Welcomes Donations to Fund FurBuy

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Most of you probably already knew FurBuy was online again, but I was reminded that sending a message might be helpful for those who don't check in on the website every day. We turned everything online as normal again this morning. We will be trying this again for two to three months to see how well it does. If you'd like to see FurBuy remain online and continue to grow, please support us in any way possible.

Hmm. Interesting turnaround.

You can support FurBuy in many ways, most of which are quick and easy. We would very much like to see more links from users' websites, there is a FurBuy graphic for such purposes on the Promos page, please feel free to reply if you'd like further assistance with this. You can tell your friends, make a post to your mailing list (if you have one), make posts to appropriate newsgroups when you post a new auction, place messages on appropriate message boards when you post a new auction (such as FurryMUCK and VCL Forum). These will all promote activity and growth of the FurBuy community, which is needed in order to keep the system running.

As you know, we do not charge for use of FurBuy, and we never intend to in the future. However, we are having financial issues at the moment due to the tech employment recession. While we would never ask for donations, they have always been welcome, you can find out more on the Contact Us page. Some artists have mentioned posting donation auctions whose proceeds will go directly to FurBuy, such measures are certainly appreciated.

Finally, I'd like to thank the dozens of users who have graciously sent in their support and comments while we were closed temporarily. We'd like to hear from you all more often, and we encourage you to please write in anytime, we're never too busy. Your feedback and ongoing support keep FurBuy running; the more we get, the more we give. We have some great plans for improving the system, and as long as activity continues to rise, you will see more and more of them come into action on the site. If you feel there is anything missing from FurBuy, or have ideas for improving what's already here, please don't be shy - we want to hear from you!

Thank you all for your encouragement,

--- FurBuy Admin (Jurann)


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Well, he put his money where his mouth was, and look where it got him.

I'd have a lot more sympathy for him, except for the fact that he went on and publically bashed FurBid.

I was considering using FurBuy to list my auctions, up until that point. There's such a thing as consumer-driven karma, and Jurann is getting bit by it now.

Maybe he'll succeed, maybe he'll go under. Either way, after witnessing his behavior and 'business' practices, I for one will be staying with FurBid.

And there's something deeply hilarious about a business owner blaming his would-be customers for the lack of said business.


doing the things a particle can

"Virtuous and vicious, every man must be.
Few in the extreme, but all in the degree."

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I think Jurann is finally learning something that MUD server developers learned about ten years ago.

The software is almost completely irrelevant.

People go where people are.

There's some minor exceptions to those rules, but they hold generally true. If users really cared more about software features than about socializing, then FurryMuck would have long ago been replaced by FurryMoo.

In the case of Furry auction sites, folks go where they know the art is, and the artists go where the bidders are.

It's harsh, but it's reality.

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Sorry no way will I use it now.

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Saying you won't use it and not even owning up to who you are makes very little for a case against the system. It's actually completely hollow and meaningless. Were you someone important, it might have an impact. Apparently you aren't so you hafta hide behind an Anonymous screen name.

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"Waiter? I'd like a little more irony here, please."

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Oh yeah. Gee, ya moodswing much?

"You're all stupid! I can't believe you're using that crap system, pinheads!"


"Gee golly. I guess I'll keep it up. Sorry about that pinhead comment. Ya got a couple bucks?"

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they didn't do any name caling like you make it sound like. they said an obvius fact that is a little derogatory but garbage is called garbage and if you are offended by that then there is a politically corect movement you can shove you head up into

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I find the timing of this to be really bad. I think most people will send most of their spare change for the next few months to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

I really didn't mind that furbid and furbuy both competed head to head. And in some respects I thought each had it's own interesting niche' capabilities. But FurBuy needs to "Court" artists to use their service, and then maintain their site for a long period to garner trust and willingess to be supportable. And as bad as the competitors system might be, if it's free...(because they use other means to advertize and garner revenue)... then we know who furs/fans are going to use... regardless of the feature set.

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I will only use FurBuy at this time. FurBid is too buggy to hold Auctions on.

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FurBuy is also free, just to clarify. You made it sound like Furbid was free and FurBuy was not. If both systems are free, why not use the better one? I'm with Stryker RedWolf on this one.

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You made it sound like Furbid was free and FurBuy was not.Well, Furbuy has one of those hidden costs... if you don't pay, Jurann complains and threatens to shut it down again.

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Hey, you don't want to use furbuy, that's up to you. And jus to set the record straight - FurBuy *did* have a pricing structure at one time, because they said so on their site. As for it being buggy... I haven't seen it crash or flumox my system. So where's the beef?

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As if Nexxus and Wookie haven't pulled the same types of stunts several times in the past? If people who feel they're providing a great service to the fandom don't feel they're getting enough recognition, why would they even be doing it? They put a lot of time and money into what they do, and I don't care -who- it is, they deserve a pat on the back just for the effort.

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If you're using any service you're providing gratis simply as a way to leverage praise and attention towards yourself, you deserve all the grief and misery you get when your attempt to guilt-trip people backfires. End of story.

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Not that I'm all that terribly active of a selling artist, but back when FurBuy started I was doing a number of auctions on FurBid and looking for more places to sell. So I took a look at FurBuy.

And I was immediately visually assaulted with a giant bunny ass. Then I went to the main page and saw thumbnails for XXX auctions listed in the Feature Auctions equally with G-rated auctions. I just checked and the bunny ass is gone, but the mixing of mature and G auctions on the main page is still there. Now, contrary to popular opinion, I am not anti-spooge. I am anti-shove-it-in-people's-faces-without-giving-them-a-choice, which is exactly what I saw this site doing.

There is no way in hell I would ever sell on a site that does not know how to properly separate X-rated material from G-rated. It ain't that damned hard to at least list them on totally separate pages.

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