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'The Jungle Gang' out in English

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The Jungle GangAnimation Xpress for 24 July reports that the four The Jungle Gang films are out, starring Bo, the bar-headed goose; Kuttu, the Slender Loris; and Bhoora, the blackbuck.

The Jungle Gang is the first Indian wildlife film series that has been made exclusively for children and young adults. The series has been created by Earthcare Films of Krishnendu Bose and financially supported by WWF-India.

Jungle Gang is a fusion of CGI and live action wildlife footage shot in some of the most iconic National Parks of India.” The films are 15 minute each. “Bo is portrayed as a Ms. Know-it-all, Kuttu as a witty joker and Bhoora as a wide-eyed kid and foodie.”

Watch: Animated trailer for The Jungle Gang Meets the Rhino

These three friends bring the flavor of three different habitats of India. They travel together to different parts of the country and seek out the threatened animals to tell their stories about their habitats, threats and conservations efforts, which have saved them from extinction. Along their journey, these friends have adventures and play pranks on each other and happen to meet the Indian one horned rhino, the tiger, the elephant and the sloth bear.

The first, in 2009, featured the rhino; the three others, made in 2011, star the tiger, the elephant, and the sloth bear.

The Tamil language version of the series was released on 28 June. Today is the English-language version. The Hindi and Assamese versions will be next. Each will premiere at a prestigious school in its language region.

Further details are in the Animation Xpress story. (Someone really needs to tell Animation Xpress the difference between a news story and a press-release puff piece.)


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