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FurNation is Down.. No, it's up!!!

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From newsgroup, Nexxus posts about FurNation going down...

OK. Too many furs are calling and emailing me with donations and support.

FurNation is back online (web and FurSearch). FTP access is still offline
until I can figure out this net glitch and correct it.

Now, furs, stop calling me! (grin) :) :) :)

Thanks for your support. I will try to get the finances under control

Please, no more donations to the FurNation PayPal account. I do appreciate
it, but I don't know how to do the taxes on it.

Sometimes it takes a few folks to let me know how much FurNation means to


FurNation Administrator


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Y'know, I'd be a lot more inclined to donate to or pay for FurNation, and would be more sympathetic to Nexxus's plight, if FurNation wasn't his personal playground. What FurNation is doing (hosting pages and files for people) can be done without building a server room in Nexxus's home and running 1+ T1 lines in there. The $15K he's spent on that could have bought two years' worth of colocation in a nice, climate-controlled, hardened facility with off-site backup and a full time support staff (~$500/mo last time I checked), not to mention 99.99% uptime, which isn't exactly something FurNation has managed well. Shelling out some bux to keep a cool site running is one thing, but paying for someone else's hobby is quite another.

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